Colossal (2016) Review


Gloria is an out of work and out of control party girl who is kicked out of her home in New York City by her boyfriend Tim who has grown tired of her drinking and must therefore move back to her childhood home. Reports begin to surface that a giant monster is attacking Seoul she suddenly begins to realise that she is somehow linked to this amazing event.


Not long after returning to her childhood home she meets up with an old friend Oscar who now owns his fathers bar. Yes, not a good thing at all for a woman who is trying her best to stop drinking and doing crazy things. That is the reason why Tim had kicked her out, although that relationship did not seem to be the best anyway, it didn’t really make a whole lot of sense why he then followed her if he first kicked her out, but I guess that sums men up really not making a whole lot of sense (waiting for bites to that comment from all the male readers).

I must have totally forgot all about the trailer for this film until it got quite far into it in all honesty. It does take quite a few strange turns and even when you eventually find out how exactly it happened it still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

But that is not really a huge problem, I know that seems like a very strange statement to make but the film is enjoyable enough. It makes you think and wonder about your actions and if they have a huge impact on others what if it did, what if it put lives at risk? If you then found out how could you change them. Gloria has this chance as getting drunk and being in the park at a certain time causes a colossal fate on the world.

I guess liking this film is a lot to do with Anne Hathaway I have always found myself a big fan of her different performances and films. This one was no different in all honesty, you can relate to her and understand why she has made certain choices. As Gloria she gives a good performance opposite Jason Sudeikis as Oscar. Now he is a very interesting character who changes rather quickly as the film goes on. Not exactly the nice guy you first think he is.

The monster does create some rather amusing moments though and it is a rather interesting concept. Imagine if your actions could have a huge effect on someone on the other side of the world. So I am going to say that I like a film like this, a little bit quirky and well different. I think different is a good thing when we are so used to being shown the same things over and over again. With sequel after sequel and reboots or remakes, so at least Colossal tries to give us something new and something well to really think about. Very nice to head to the cinema and see something that dared to be unique!

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