Alien: Covenant (2017) Review


A colony ship heading for a remote planet is put on hold when the crew think they have found an alternate paradise which is a lot closer. Considering they were woken up way too early!


The problem for the crew of the Covenant who are made up of couples is that things aren’t always as they seem. Something that could be very good could well turn out to be a huge disaster. Especially when we find David again, remember from Prometheus, so in that term we have the straight link from one film to the next. Ten years after those events, I thought that was a pretty good thing in all honesty.

I mentioned that the crew were all couples heading for the new world and a new life. I thought that was an interesting touch as it certainly tries to add more emotion into the different scenes. So when people start to well die, I don’t see that as a spoiler as surely watching an Alien film we expect people to die. It attempts to add even more sentiment and emotions into the film and story. Unfortunately, I didn’t think it was clear enough who was married to who in the first place. Maybe something else could have helped that situation.

I went into the film hoping that it would strike fear and make me jump at times with the tension and amazing scenes. As it turned out the film seems to have gone away from the more horror side of the genre and more into action. Which I will admit I found rather disappointing. I was hoping for the tense style that the original Alien film created would be back. Maybe, just maybe by expectations were way too high!

We get Walter as a new character who is an upgrade to David, with less of the human emotions. This builds up to lots of Fassbender and Fassbender scenes, one of which is extremely creepy. The problem with some of these scenes is that they draw on for quite a while and I actually forgot we had Aliens on the loose at the time. That certainly helped to lose the tension, when building up to seeing the alien again.

It comes across as an origins story for how the aliens were created and therefore evolved, very quickly I must add. We see some of that during this film, which I guess was interesting. Daniels is a fantastic character, I love that we always get a kick-ass female as the hero in the film. A brilliant performance from Katherine Waterston, I really was very impressed with her.

We are given a good range of characters who all balance each other out very well. So how do you think this film fits in with the Alien films we already had, where will it all go from here and are you impressed overall with Covenant? As I was left slightly underwhelmed, but I think it was more due to high expectations rather than full on disappointment.

8 thoughts on “Alien: Covenant (2017) Review

  1. Good review. The film seems to be suffering some harsh reviews- its just not THAT bad a film, and I agree part of this might be unrealistic expectations. Maybe its a victim of its hype and marketing, but I guess that was inevitable as it followed Prometheus and had a lot of ground to make up. Hope Ridley at least gets opportunity to wrap things up with one more Alien movie.

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  2. I personally didn’t care for “Promethus”, so if this “origin” story is more focused and less ethereal, all the better for me…a great review by the way, always disappointing to have high hopes for a film and be let down a little…today I posted five reason I love the original “Alien”, including the fact that the band The Who helped in one aspect – let me know what you think! –

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