Jawbone (2017) Review


Jimmy McCabe was a youth boxing champion who could really have been something, after well and truly hitting rock bottom he returns to training and the ring in an attempt to turn his life around.


Jawbone offers a very emotional story as Jimmy is battling the bottle, losing his childhood home all a year after his mother passed away. He enters back into the world he had shown so much promise as he returns tot he boxing gym he was very much part of as a teenager. Training is his answer to escaping from the life he has ended up with.

Gym owner Bill and corner man Eddie still give him a chance and have time for the once promising man. They actually want to help him and understand that boxing can really be his release for the awful way he is currently surviving.

When we watch a film about boxing we are more used to seeing the glitz and glamour of a title or big fight now and nothing really focuses on those at the bottom. This one does around London and it is very hard-hitting. It isn’t all about boxing/sport but it really does help to show just how incredible those things can actually be for a person. That was something I really loved about this film.

It is very dark and you cannot help but feel for Jimmy as he does seek help for his drinking problem and it highlights just how desperate he has become. Especially the fight he signs up to take part in with Joe Padgett. It does not really sound like a great idea at all when he is just basically going to be used as a punching bag for entertainment. That highlights how desperate he is for money, and the lengths he is willing to go for it.

The film has some fantastic shots of London, one that really still stands out is everything with the lights on and looking very impressive with the Shard in the background. I love London and love seeing London on film!

The performances were the most impressive thing in the film and Johnny Harris was outstanding as Jimmy. He really had to put so many different emotions in with the role. In smaller roles Ray Winstone delivers his usual strong performance. With the same from Ian McShane in his one scene, a power scene to say the least. Michael Smiley was a little bit of scene stealer as well. All of these had to be spot on to really keep the film so powerful and that is exactly what happened with it.

The film is released in the UK on Friday 12th May and it really does deserve to be watched, it’s not very often we get a good British drama sports film and this certainly does have so many different points to make. It is never too late to turn your life around no matter which situation you have ended up in. Sport really is the greatest thing you can do in life!

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