A Dog’s Purpose (2017) Review


A dog is trying to figure out the purpose of its life, well many lives as we follow through its eyes from start to finish.


We get an interesting look into what someone thinks a dog could be thinking. Ok, yes that does not sound good at all but I guess that does help to sum up the film very quickly. It’s not actually as bad as it sounds with Josh Gad as our “hero” he is pretty amusing as long as you don’t picture Olaf from Frozen instead.

So through many different dogs eyes we are shown how they can be loved, hated and well pretty much just left. Which I guess at times isn’t the nicest thing to watch, we also get to see how much they can help and change someones life. I am probably not a good example to watch a film relating to a pet considering the only ones I’ve ever had been a goldfish as a child. I am also not the biggest fan of dogs as, I guess I am a little bit scared of them. Daft I know but it isn’t always easy-going out for a run!

Anyway getting back to the film and the point of it is that a dog can really help its owner and make them have a better life. The main story we follow with the dog is as Bailey with Ethan and how he really did help Ethan have a better life when struggling with his father and trying to fit in. It does then help show that each dog also has a different role to play as we see a police search and sniff dog as one of our shorter story moments.

In all honesty it probably wasn’t a good idea to head to see this film with my lack of interest in dogs. But it does help highlight that sometimes it can be all someone might have in life. The only thing they can talk to when they get home and I thought that was a pretty good angle for the film. I am not so sure about the idea of it coming back as a different dog each time but still being able to remember Ethan? I mean the trailer totally gives away the ending as it well shows you that moment.

It does have some decent performances I thought the standout was K. J. Apa as teenage Ethan, I really did think that he was impressive in what is his first feature film. I will be interested to see how this helps his career and pushes him onto bigger projects. If you are expecting a lot from Dennis Quaid then I am going to warn you he does not have a big role.

The worst thing I can really say about how into the film I was, has to be that I kept checking my watch for the time, not a good thing at all when the film is on the short side. But I guess I was just struggling to buy into certain aspects of it. The supposed comedy moments weren’t really all of that either.

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