Unlocked (2017) Review


A CIA worker is lured back into interrogation when a major attack is about to happen in London.


I firstly have to start this review by saying that we really do need to appreciate the cast that has been put together for the film with Noomi Rapace leading it. I still don’t think she has been given enough chances in films in more mainstream. I doubt that this will really change that, which is a bit of a shame really.

I went to the cinema to see this film with really low expectations in all honesty as I hadn’t really seen much positive about it following its release on Friday. I still cannot really resist seeing a Orlando Bloom film, my teenage self really still demands it in all honesty. Although as it turns out he doesn’t really have the biggest role in the world, although in this type of film no one is really safe for long.

I do love to see a film set in London and we get some incredible sky shots, you know the ones we are used to seeing of New York. I cannot help but really love those, with my love for visiting London a few times each year. But it has the very American feel as the CIA are competing at times with MI5. We get what we have grown to expect from John Malkovich, a serious performance with moments that really do make you smile (video link on computer).

I love Michael Douglas as well he is given a character to really show off that charisma we have grown to watch from his performances over the decades and does not disappoint. Orlando Bloom is a full on cockney wide boy who was interesting to watch to say the least.

It tries to mix in the action with fight scenes from time to time and having plenty of twists and turns to go along with the storyline. I will admit that I did spend a lot of time trying to work out what was going to happen next, the good thing about that was that it wasn’t all as obvious as you thought trying to piece together who the good and bad guys really were. I always feel that films about terrorist acts make you wonder how many plots have been stopped before it is too late.

This attack of a virus I guess is something a little bit different that we have not really seen before. As I mentioned about going in with very low expectations for the film, I think that worked in all honesty as I did find myself engaged and even interested in what was going to happen next and who was going to come out on top. I guess it does help when you actually like the actors who are in the film as well.

I won’t be saying rush out and see this one, but you never know if you do watch it and don’t expect too much you might just end up enjoying it a little bit like I did!

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