April 2017 at the Cinema

Here we go with the fourth month of the year and entering what is a tricky month for films at the cinema, mainly due to the overall quality that they have in them! It has been my quietest month so far and probably the worst in terms of quality and even enjoyment. I am sure you will understand that when you see which films I caught on the big screen during April!

Cineworld Unlimited Pass is £17.40 per month and I saw 6 films this month costing me £2.90 per film.

I managed to see the following films this month:

6th – Ghost in the Shell – Review

11th – Going in Style – Review

11th – Table 19 – Review

18th – Fast & Furious 8 – Review

21st – Their Finest – Review

21st – Rules Don’t Apply – Review


Film of the Month
While I have to admit that their wasn’t really very much to choose from this month in terms of picking my favourite film. This is a really inspiring, heartbreaking and lovely film all rolled into one. As mentioned in my review I really do love anything about World War II, this was no different. Although it was something I had never really heard of before. It really does manage to have plenty of things going for it.

Male Performance of the Month
I doubt this will come as any real surprise that I have picked Bill Nighy as my male performance of the month. I was very happy that he had a much bigger role than I expected in Their Finest and it really is well worth the watch. His character is truly fantastic and creates a lot of very impressive moments.

Female Performance of the Month
It had to take all three of the awards for this month and it really is very pleasing to say that Gemma Arterton was just fantastic leading in Their Finest. I guess I am really building this film up even more now, but she really was very impressive and that is good considering her career seemed to take a little bit of a slow turn after the whole Bond girl thing!

What did you see in April? What was your favourite film and performances?

7 thoughts on “April 2017 at the Cinema

  1. April has been a good month at the Tyneside Cinema (sorry!). Films I have seen:-
    4th – The Olive Tree
    6th – Get Out (at the Empire, Newcastle)
    11th – Free Fire
    13th – Neruda
    20th – The Handmaiden (Theatrical Version)
    24th – The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Maki
    25th – The Handmaiden (Extended Version)
    28th – Heal the Living
    Best Film – The Handmaiden
    Best Actresses – Min-hee Kim & Tae-ri Kim (The Handmaiden)
    Best Actor – Jung-woo Ha (The Handmaiden)

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