Catherine Zeta Jones & Michael Douglas

I really do just feel that I totally have to fangirl over this picture, which I did but it also deserves to have a blog post about it. I couldn’t help but totally love this photo, which was taken a couple of days ago before Catherine was due to perform at Carnegie Hall (CZJ Facebook). As Michael is showing the devotion and support to his wife, the way they are looking at each other really is something else!


I really have been such a huge fan of the pair for many years now, I owe that to Chicago and Catherine as Velma Kelly. That really kicked off my fandom for her, which then led to them as a couple and watching as many films they have been in as possible.

They have always got a lot of bad press, but came through so much together and seem to be stronger than ever now after a very difficult few years. Surely that has to be such an inspiration considering Hollywood is not always the best place for love and marriage!

12 thoughts on “Catherine Zeta Jones & Michael Douglas

  1. Agree! He is a Hollywood legend, with terrific films – and lots of goofy ones as well! She has struggled but exudes a air of class and sophistication that is inspiring – and she was great on the recent TV series “Feud!”

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    • Incredible performance! Totally deserved her Oscar, and that was what really kicked off my love for Theatre as I was so obsessed with the film that I then went to see the stage show.

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  2. It’s funny, I don’t always care about ‘celebrity’ relationships but I saw Douglas talk about Catherine last year and it’s clear that he knows what he’s got and she isn’t afraid to keep it in reality. Nice shot as well, captured smartly!

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