Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) Review

guardians_of_the_galaxy_vol_two_zps8jtb9sglWe are reunited with the Guardians of the Galaxy as they are working together to keep the universe safe-ish. As we find out more about Peter Quill’s parentage.


This is probably the most wanted in terms of people seeing it so far this year, that early summer blockbuster that we have now grown accustomed to. As you can tell I did not rush to see this one as soon as it was released. The reason behind that? A very unpopular opinion but I was not a fan of the first film. I thought it was all right, but I didn’t really get the hype surrounding it.

Don’t get me wrong though as I do love some of the jokes as they are what people would usually say and do to each other. Especially the whole “lads banter” parts, but I guess that could also be a reason why I am not the biggest fan. I just feel that these films are really aimed at the male population.

So we are introduced to Ego who is claiming to be Peter’s father, it all does feel a little bit strange but I very much doubt you would ever be able to guess what direction it is going to go in. I also thought the gold people (sorry, I cannot remember the names of them) could have easily been taken out of the story. Although the scene with the carpet thing and music was so ridiculous it was hilarious. But it did make me laugh out loud which I guess is an added bonus in all honesty.

Drax is probably my favourite of the characters in all honesty, he really is just great and the jokes never really get old with him. Even though it is pretty much a rehash from the first film, but that is how everyone knows exactly what to expect. So with the cult following from the first film it is no surprise that this one will be doing so well at the box office a very good idea to release it over a bank holiday weekend in the UK!

It does have more character development for not just Peter but Gamora which I rather enjoyed as she attempted to become closer to her sister. I thought that was a good approach as it really does add another element to the film and takes away from Peter’s story which does take some crazy turns.

I will admit that I am actually interested to see how this is all going to come together in the Marvel Universe as it seems to be getting a lot closer to that happening. I am very interested to now find out if people found this one better than the first, equal to it or just not quite as good. I am starting to reach the point where I am not really enjoying the whole comic book genre and Marvel seem to be repeating themselves a hell of a lot now. Anyone else getting bored?

On a positive note though how super cute and amazing is Baby Groot!

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