Their Finest (2016) Review


Catrin Cole was a former secretary and has just been hired as a scriptwriter for propaganda films while the Blitz is going on around them in London.


I firstly have to mention that I really do find myself still loving everything to do with World War II which is something I can still remember from Primary School when doing History to be something that I was very interested in. I certainly think it had something to do with my Grandparents living through it as children, and being evacuated to the countryside. Anyway I will get on with the review of the film . . .

It gives us another event and snapshot at the jobs that were being done to keep moral high within in England during the war. This then helps show just how powerful cinema and film has always been. It was an escapism from the awful reality, therefore they had to be creative and make positive films out of the awful situation that is war and the young men dying.

World War II was when women really had the chance to shine and show that they could indeed do the same job as men and cover in for them while they were fighting in the war. We get out heroine in this film with Catrin Cole who at first we think is married to Ellis who is actually not a very nice man. She is taking on screenwriting for the women’s side of it all and to help make it relevant and relatable. We get Ambrose Hilliard an actor who is in denial about his age and where his career can currently go. Tom Buckley is another writer who Catrin has to work with, I was very impressed with the chemistry between the characters.

Another reason I was wanting to see this film was due to the fact that Bill Nighy is in it, I am sure you are all well aware that I am a big fan of his. He was outstanding in this film and had a much bigger role than I was expecting which made it even better in all honesty. It seems as though everyone else in the screening I was in loved him too, got plenty of laughs.

It was very nice to watch a film that had such a positive message about not only women excelling and managing to have opportunities. Even though towards the end of the film it really did take such a sad turn that I really wasn’t expecting at all. While parts are very predictable, that did not really matter or hinder the enjoyment felt towards this one.

I was rather impressed with Gemma Arterton as well, I feel as though her career has been a little bit mixed after the early promise that was shown. So it was brilliant to see her in such an inspiring leading role. I really hope that people head to see this film as I think it really is a good British film highlighting what we do best in the worst of times!


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