Fast & Furious 8 (2017) Review


Dom gets sucked into a different world when a woman somehow gets him to do something for her, which puts him on the opposite side to his team!


I must start this review by first admitting that I have not actually seen all eight of the films. I have missed a few in the middle, but I feel that considering I had seen number seven then it was ok to go and see number eight. The main reason I feel like I had to mention this was to clarify that I am therefore not really a huge fan of the franchise. I guess it also means that it is possible to head to the cinema and just seen this film without really missing too much back story. Let’s face it as popular as these films are they really aren’t anything special.

The story gets pretty ridiculous at times with the different things that happen and go on. I won’t spoil them just incase you are planning on seeing this one. I also find it rather boring with how they go on so much about family and you look after family, when indeed they are just friends who pretend to be family and seem to very easily go against the others at times anyway.

The film starts with a street car race, which in all honesty was probably the best part in terms of the action. Some of the action scenes with fights in them moved about way too much for my liking. I do have such a soft spot for The Rock though and he did get some great cheesy moments and one liners, which I will admit that I enjoy way too much.

I guess I just don’t care that much about the characters to really get into the film, which I am assuming has happened with a lot of people? I guess it has increased my level of being annoyed due to the fact that it is one of those “huge” films for box office therefore takes a lot of cinema screens, meaning a slow few weeks due to other films being pushed aside.

They do try to keep the story relevant with the main problem coming from an online hacker known as Cipher, another pretty awful role for Charlize Theron in my opinion she seems to be typecast in the bad role now and I am not really sure why in total honesty as she is not very good at it. But I really shouldn’t mention the performances in this film as we all know what to expect by now don’t we?

I know this film will certainly have a lot of fans, but wasn’t it all originally about cars? Fast cars? I just don’t feel as though we were shown enough super cars in this one. Plus isn’t it just silly to think that they would be allowed to get involved in Government work but then have to go to prison? Yes, I am probably thinking too much into that side of it now. I guess I would like to know when it is all going to stop, when they get to 10?

9 thoughts on “Fast & Furious 8 (2017) Review

  1. Nice review, i enjoyed 5,6,7 but found this one slightly frustrating, the problem i had was they have 2 female characters that are just there doing nothing, while they also have Vin Diesel, Jason Statham and The Rock and none of them fight a KNOWN actor they just face goon number 1 too 50 and win. Scott Eastwood also got thrown into the role just to replace Paul Walker and he personally didnt do anything wrong but the character was so forced.

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    • Yeah I can see your points about it. Such a shame that female characters still cannot be used effectively in films like this and if you took them out wouldn’t really make a huge difference.

      I’m not even sure which ones I’ve seen . . .

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  2. I think you’re applying way too much logic to this movie. I gave up on that idea with this franchise long ago. Frankly, so did the makers of these movies. It is most certainly a bad movie by normal standards. I just find so goofy and ridiculous, I can’t help but let it wash over me and have fun with it. By the way, the series gave up on the idea of being about racing long ago, too. In other words, I get your points and can’t really dispute any of them (other than Theron’s performance, I actually thought she was good), I just choose to ignore that stuff for this series.

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    • Haha, yeah I can understand what you mean. In all honesty due to lack of films on this week that is the main reason I saw this one. Luckily 5 new films opening from Friday at my local Cineworld!


  3. Hi there, to a degree I can understand your negatives with the film but I feel like this film really works for those who have watched most, if not all of the films in this series. Much like some of the recent Marvel films, you can jump in with the latest film, but to fully appreciate the newer films you should check out the previous ones to understand the significance of some of the story and character elements (even though the story of the Fast and Furious series isn’t too important).

    For me I loved films 5 to 7 and I liked this one a lot too, sure its stupid, ridiculous and considering some of the story and character issues this film present or forgets from previous films, it can get a little messy, but I just find these films to be fun with a good cast and crazy action. Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham stole this film for me, they were so much fun to watch.

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    • Oh yeah I can totally understand what you mean with this film and that it does have its fans of the franchise. Just not for me in all honesty. Even though I am a guilty pleasure fan of the Rock and used to be for Statham.

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