Table 19 (2017) Review


Eloise, finds herself seated with five fellow unwanted guests at the dreaded Table 19 after she is no longer maid of honour after breaking up with the brides brother who just happens to be the best man. He finished it all via text message, so let’s just say everything isn’t going to go to plan.


I will admit that I wasn’t really very positive heading into this one and thought it looked pretty bad in all honesty. But it turned out to be a slightly different to film to what I expected it. It tried a lot harder and had a lot more to it than the trailer had made out. That was a pretty interesting thing in regards to this film in all honesty, as it really did try to have different stories with a lot of heart attached to the characters. The people who were sat at the table that should have declined the invite!

Eloise is seen as our main character and we are supposed to sympathise with her and feel sorry for her. Although that does slightly change as her story is a little more in-depth than it is first made out. Then we aren’t entirely sure how to feel about her in all honesty, I was left unsure!

We then have Bina and Jerry Kepp who have been married for a very long time and are having their own problems. Former Nanny to the bride Jo who has attended for her very own reasons. Cousin Walter who has been in prison for some reason, but the mystery behind that is kept for quite a while in terms of why he was locked up. Renzo was told by his mother to go to the wedding as he might meet a girl. That is the mismatched table 19.

We don’t really get to see much of the bride which I think is quite an interesting set up for a film about a wedding, taking it from a different point of view and how guests really feel about attending the best day in someone’s life. Do they really want to be there, are they actually bothered? Would you even notice if the whole table just disappeared?

That was certainly the big question that Table 19 wants to know the answer to, they are not really sure if anyone even has noticed them at the wedding. I will admit though that for a film that was mainly marketed as a comedy it did not really have me wanting to laugh out loud. I guess the drama part was heavier than expected at times. The characters were not really that likeable which is a must to keep engagement in this type of film.

I won’t be recommending that you rush to watch this one which is a shame with the decent cast. I am actually getting very concerned about the direction of Anna Kendrick’s career in all honesty, the early promise she showed as something special has pretty much disappeared by now! I wonder if this film will actually find much praise at all.


4 thoughts on “Table 19 (2017) Review

  1. Great review, I wonder what drew Kendrick to this – was there a connection to the Director or Screenwriter? Was she a Producer on it? Usually that’s why someone in her position does a film like this…it opened quietly in the US and will be ondemand soon…

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    • I am really not sure but this isn’t the worst film I have watched her in the past month. I made the mistake of watching Get a Job which was a hell of a lot worse than this!


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