Going in Style (2017) Review


Joe, Willie and Albert are trying to keep supporting their families on their pensions. But when the company they used to work for is taken over and payments are due to stop they come up with a drastic plan to get some money. Rob a bank . . .


Joe has to make payments on his house after being tricked into a deal which sees the rate triple whilst in the bank he is in with a robbery which sparks the idea, and getting back at the bank for taking their money. But come on how are three pensioners really going to pull that off? Well, you will have to watch the film to see if that is even possible.

We also get the background on Willie who is ill and has chosen not to tell his two closest friends or his daughter/granddaughter who he doesn’t get to see very often. Along with Albert who is just waiting to well die and not really looking or searching for anything.

I guess in some terms the film makes you wonder exactly how you are going to react as you get older and don’t really have a lot of things to live for anymore, would you be crazy enough to really go out with a bang and risk everything for a big payday?

We have become used to this type of film by now and they seem to have Morgan Freeman in them, thinking of The Bucket List, Last Vegas and Grudge Match just off the top of my head. Thinking about how Academy Award winning actors are still working and therefore end up in comedy films. I guess we don’t really want to see serious films with actors in or pushing 80? That seems to be what Hollywood thinks.

I have to admit that I wasn’t really expecting anything from this one but it has Caine, Freeman and Arkin in it so we know they are always going to put in decent performances. Christopher Lloyd was a bonus as I had no idea he was in the film until watching it, although his character was totally off the wall.

The film tries its best to have some twists and turns along the way but it is not really possible to not see it all coming. I guess that doesn’t really matter considering what I mentioned earlier about not expecting much from the film. Sometimes isn’t that just a great way to think about it, heading to the cinema not really expecting much as you can just switch off and watch the film.

I am sure this will do ok at the box office, although the comedy genre is always pushed massively during April, after the come down from awards season. So I guess we don’t really have a massive amount of films to choose from at the moment. Will you be heading to see this one? Or have you already seen it?

Nothing totally special or new, but still watchable. Don’t we all still just love Michael Caine’s delivery?



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