Ghost in the Shell (2017) Review


In the near future in a world where cyber-enhancement of humans has become a reality, we follow Major the first of her kind and now fighting against the world’s most dangerous criminals.


In all honesty I am not really sure where to start with this review or in which direction it is going to end up going. The film was very strange at times and that is certainly a factor that makes it difficult to then review it.

We have been bombarded with the trailer, extended clips and an intro from Scarlett Johansson at the cinema for the past few months. The thing is though none of that really made me excited to see it. I guess it did make me a little bit curious though and that is what I am assuming got me along to the cinema? Although I had seen everything else as well.

The story is pretty confusing at times and I cannot really mention too much about it as would spoil the twists and turns you are taken on when watching. Nothing is really as it seems for Major and you do want to find out her real story and background.

The procedure for her to become the Ghost in the shell is certainly a big ask as her brain is taken and put into a new “body” or I should say shell. As it is all just built around he brain and she cannot really remember much from her past. Everything is pretty top-secret, but she is or has been trained and used as a weapon. With a shell that can be repaired it is clear to see why she has been used in this way, but we are always wanting to just know why.

I guess some of the other cyber enchantments that humans now have, which means they don’t actually need a mobile phone to talk and can do that over a network. I am not going to pretend that I fully understood some of those moments, or even much in the film. Maybe I was just too tired to properly concentrate or really care about what was going on. Sometimes I guess when you are not too sure about going to see a film, you should then decide not to see it.

I will give some praise though to Scarlett Johansson who I thought played the robot style very well, just in terms of her movements which I know might sound a little strange but she did manage to pull off that look very well, the swagger and way that she moved really was interesting to watch. So good casting in that sense and probably one of her better performances in recent years in all honesty.

Overall though I found the film very flat and just uninteresting especially after the huge build up around it. Maybe that was part of the downfall for myself when watching it. Looking forward to hearing what you thought of this one, did I miss something? Or do you agree with me?

11 thoughts on “Ghost in the Shell (2017) Review

  1. With movies that get as much hype as this one has I just watch the first trailer, and then avoid the ‘clips’ and fan-boy rants, etc, go see it and make my mind up with as little as possible ‘pre-knowledge. Sometimes it feel like you don’t need to see the movie at all with everything that’s put out there before it actually hits the theatres.


  2. I quite enjoyed it, but there is certainly something wrong with the film- a sense of detachment. It looks pretty amazing though. Plenty of eye-candy. Film-makers these days seem to think thats enough.

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      • 2D. I find 3D too distracting, always pulls me out of a film. Even Avatar, which did 3D well, had me pulled out of the film thinking ‘that looks cool’. Gets to the point that its, well, pointless. The truth is 2D is immersive enough, its the magic of movies learned over decades.

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        • Yeah totally, I don’t like 3D either and it is very rare now that I will see a film like that. I always try to work around the 2D screenings.


  3. Even just reading about the cyber enhancements etc made me sort of wary of being the same old thing. Do you think you found it flat and uninteresting because her abilities and such weren’t well defined and seemed too all-encompassing?


  4. I have watched episodes of the anime. But not the entire run. I saw scenes from episode I watched. I thought they did a good job of writing the story down into something that would fit into a movie run time. I loved the feel of the movie from reading William Gibson novels as a young teen. For anyone who played SWTOR, the film feels rather like shooting ones way through Nar Shaddaa. I know there was a lot of controversy over casting, but on the whole, I really like it. They really managed to capture to feel of the anime in the live action film. In some ways, it is like a cyberpunk dream.

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