Mother’s Day (2016) Review


Different generations come together in the week leading up to Mother’s Day. This is Garry Marshall’s final film, which takes the same structure as Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve.


For some reason Garry Marshall enjoyed these films as his final three with plenty of different stories and small overlaps between the different characters. I missed this one at the cinema, yes I know shocking considering Julia Roberts is in it! But it has just been added to Netflix UK so I caught up with it last night.

While it is not the best at all, it had some decent stories and it didn’t throw Mother’s Day in your face as much as we had Valentine’s and New Year’s in those two films. It was more low-key in that sense and that is one of the more positive things about it. We do get interesting stories to why certain women are not on very good speaking terms with their mothers and having to hide whole lives. A woman trying to come to terms with sharing her children with her ex-husbands new wife. A young woman searching for her birth mother. A man trying to keep his two daughters going without their mother.

I thought some of the performances were pretty good as well and this is one of the best I have seen Jennifer Aniston in for many years now, which I guess is not really saying a lot. I must also mention the moment with Hector Elizondo and Julia Roberts and a fork, isn’t that just a huge massive shout out to Pretty Woman!!! That is certainly something we get in a few of Marshall’s films with Roberts, and I do fangirl over them not even going to lie.

Maybe this is something that is different from the UK to the US? I mean the US does have Mother’s Day on a totally different date in a different month. So if any of my US friends would like to confirm if a big deal is made over it in the US that would be very good.

It’s certainly not thrown in our faces and made out to be a huge deal though which I was expecting to happen. Everything is all nicely wrapped up on Mother’s Day though as if it is one of those days where everything just comes together and is all perfect and everything like that. We know that is not really the case but it worked alright for the film on a whole.

Can I also please just mention how type cast as an awful mother character Margo Martindale has become, that is all I can remember her being over the past 10/15 years?!?! Someone please tell me she has roles that aren’t like that at all. So with Mother’s Day just passing last week in the UK and coming up in the US this month, will you be watching this film around that time?

If you have already seen it did you think it was really that bad? As I had certainly heard only bad things surrounding this one.

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