Tyneside Cinema: Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea

For Mother’s Day being a total film geek. I thought it was a great idea to then pass some of that onto my Mam for Mother’s Day this year. So when I received an email from a local independent cinema , the incredible Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle to be precise. That they were doing a special Afternoon Tea for Mother’s Day which included a screening of Mamma Mia! This was at a cost of £25 per person (including a glass of Prosecco)


We all know that Afternoon Tea has been a pretty popular thing for a few years now, so to combine it with seeing a film was certainly a huge bonus. To start off with you are inside the Tyneside Bar Café to sit down and enjoy the Afternoon Tea (See below).

You have plenty of time to enjoy it all and then are taken up stairs to the digital screening room, which I am estimating holds around 36 people maximum. It was nice experience to watch a film like that!

I will certainly be looking at what other Afternoon Tea at the Movies they have on as they do it the first Sunday of each month. For £18 (£22 with Prosecco). Normal Afternoon tea is £12.50.

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