Pocahontas (1995) Review


When English solider John Smith is part of an invasion on Virginia in the seventeenth century a romance with Pocahontas a Native American in the New World will change everything he thought he knew.


There’s something quite different about watching a Disney film that you really loved as a kid as an adult, especially when you haven’t seen it for years. Even more so when it just happens to be Pocahontas, as in all honesty not much really happens in this film. The story is rather weak and watching it now it just has no edge or even substance.

Pocahontas is the Chief’s daughter and must pretty much do as her father says. He is not impressed with her free spirit nature and exploring the land. She is promised to marry a well-respected man and member of the tribe. Something she is not very impressed with at all, she spends her days talking to an old tree with her two animal friends. We all know that Disney love the animal friends.

John Smith is embarking on an adventure to the new world working for a rather evil and self involved Englishman. Who wants nothing more than to rob the native people of gold, or anything else that they wanted to take from them.

A chance meeting between John Smith and Pocahontas sparked a love for one another which may just have the power to really change everything. The only problem is that the love just appears from nowhere without much reason. If only that type if thing actually happened in real life? That spark between two people who they cannot get away from.

I guess it is going for the whole crossed lovers from different worlds and backgrounds that are just drawn to each other. Want to be together no matter the consequences that may come from it. We also get an extremely soppy line which I totally love, yes you may judge me.

” I’d rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you.”
I mean imagine someone actually saying that to you? It certainly wouldn’t happen in this day and age would it? But I really do like that moment and then the ones that follow it, in all honesty.

Colors of the Wind is a very good Disney song, pretty powerful, but on this re-watch after many years since last seeing the film I was left thinking that it is a pretty weak film from Disney when comparing to some of the other ones. But it will always be one of those films that I remember seeing at the cinema when it was first released, I even had an outfit made for Christmas as well (if I find it, watch out for another recreating the movie post).

Has anyone else watched this one again recently? If so have your opinions on it changed, stayed the same or have you never actually watched it? Yes, many questions that is what rewatching this film has done to me!

11 thoughts on “Pocahontas (1995) Review

  1. Nope. Can’t do it. Not when she was between the ages of 10 and 12 and there was never any romance between her and John Smith. I was a history major and the story as written by Disney was just to deeply disgusting and disturbing for me to watch.


    • Oh that’s even worse it was bad enough when I thought she was around 14. But to be even younger is just wrong, another reason the film is worse to watch now when you have heard more about the real story.


    • Yeah it just doesn’t have enough going for it at all. As the other comments have mentioned her actual age is a huge issue as well!


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