Free Fire (2016) Review


The story surrounds an Irish gang who are looking to buy guns, but everything goes wrong in the abandoned warehouse and it turns into a shootout and battle to survive.


So this film was chosen as the 100th Cineworld Unlimited screening. What a shame that was as well, surely such a monumental occasion should have been marked with a very good film, sadly it was Free Fire. Not my type of film at all, supposedly funny in parts but I was left confused about why people were actually laughing in all honesty.

I had no idea the film was set in Boston until reading the IMDb page, I am sure that was never actually mentioned? I mean I got the meet was in America but don’t remember it actually telling us where exactly. The Irish guys lead by Chris meeting with Vern a South African trying to pretty much screw them over with different rifles to what they actually wanted.  It was obvious that no one really trusted anyone else and Justine was a rather suspicious character from the start considering she seemed to know Vern very well.

The main problems I had with the film was that the storyline was very weak and it didn’t really seem to have much of a point. Oh and the characters spend three-quarters of the film lying and crawling around the floor which just looked ridiculous and was not entertaining to watch at all. I even think this is the worst film I have seen so far this year, I really did not enjoy anything about it. I thought it was just a waste of time, never a good thing to think when at the cinema.

Such a shame really as the film has a decent cast but I don’t think anyone was really given the chance to shine and standout in this one. Maybe the film is just more geared towards men? As a lot of the male members of the audience seemed to find it to be absolutely hilarious, which was I mentioned earlier totally lost on me.

I guess it’s ok though as we aren’t supposed to like and enjoy everything we watch. Maybe this was a ploy to try to get people to see this film by having it as the preview screening by the distributors. I certainly will not be recommending it or watching it again. I am very curious to know how everyone else will find this one though, especially considering it has 81% on Rotten Tomatoes which actually has surprised me in all honesty.

I would say I have totally missed something with this one, but I just didn’t like the attempted story and thought the communication between the characters as the shootout was ongoing was very poor and did not offer anything decent. Considering the shooters forget whose side they are on, watching you just don’t really care at all in the end due to lack of character build up prior to it all kicking off for a very strange reason considering we don’t even know if it was true or not.

7 thoughts on “Free Fire (2016) Review

  1. Great review. So, I was watching the end credits (bit of a nerd) and waiting for the soundtrack details to appear, when all of a sudden the lights went out and the film finished abruptly. A power cut! Well I wondered, why couldn’t this have happened 90 minutes earlier. Yes after High Rise, this is another “classic” from Ben Wheatley. I just can’t understand the hype around this director. Free Fire is a film which could have been made by someone from Film School and probably make a better job of it. Tedious, weak one liners and goodness knows why it was picked as the closing film at the 2016 LFF. The only positive thing is that it has flopped at the UK Box Office.


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