Unbreakable (2000) Review


When David Dunn is the only survivor of a train crash everything he knew about his life is about to change. Especially when he meets Elijah Price.


Yes, I am very late to the party in terms of eventually seeing this film, brought on by seeing Split and having no idea what the ending meant or was in reference to, that was totally lost on me so I decided to purchase the Blu Ray.

The story follows David Dunn as he was the lone survivor of a train crash and then looking back at different events in his life he has actually never really been hurt, although does not take well to water at all.

The other part of the story is Elijah Price, a man who breaks bones extremely easily and has had to deal with that constantly throughout his life. Considering that he is so breakable he comes up with a theory that someone must be the opposite of him and be unbreakable. With this in mind and comic books being a fall back for him to escape his life a rather elaborate plot then unfolds.

M. Night Shayamalan is well-known for his complicated and daring plots. I have to admit that I really did enjoy this one and I think it is easily the best of his films that I have seen so far. Although some of them are pretty terrible, safe to say that this one isn’t. Has to be something to do with the very good performances from Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson. They were brilliant together, bounced off each other and really build the suspense up so well.

This type of film really does seem to be the toughest to write a review on as with the plot twists and turns, it is quite difficult not to mention anything to spoil the film. I have to admit that I was rather nervous when I started to watch the film as not many of Shayamalan’s have been my type of thing. I guess that why we enjoy watching films so much as we can so often be surprised with how we end up finding them, especially when you aren’t really too sure to begin with.

So have you seen this one and did you like the link with Split? I guess this type of film has to be discussed by people who have also seen it!

6 thoughts on “Unbreakable (2000) Review

  1. Love this movie! It’s funny that it came out the same year as X-Men, which really kickstarted the modern age of superhero movies that we’re still very much in the middle of, and yet I think Unbreakable remains one of the freshest and most original takes on that genre.

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  2. I liked it but I felt the comment at the end really didn’t make any sense. There is very little about Mr. Glass and the guy with the split personality for the person at the cafe to have made the comparison. The attempt to tie the two films together for a possible third film was clunky and I really disliked it. But it would be cool to see Bruce’s Unbreakable character going after the guy from Split. (for some reason, I’m terrible with character names.) Of course, I do feel like rewatching Unbreakable now. I just haven’t done so yet.

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    • Yeah I can totally understand what you mean as after watching Unbreakable the link of Mr Glass and Split didn’t really make a massive amount of sense.


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