Recreating the Movie 11 – Lego Batman!

I decided to wait a few days before adding another movie recreation to the blog after the London trip last week. The Lego shop recently opened in Leicester Square but it has always had a queue and I decided it wasn’t really worth queuing, how wrong that is! Such an impressive shop with so many incredible Lego creations.


With Lego Batman movie out they had a very cool Batman made from Lego! I still need to try and see the film!


11 thoughts on “Recreating the Movie 11 – Lego Batman!

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      1. It was fantastic. Really need to go again. Unfortunately when I went there I didn’t spend long.

        You should check out LEGO exhibition at the South Bank in London. They’ve recreated DC characters out of LEGO. It runs until 3rd September. I’ll be visiting it soon, just figuring out a date to go.

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  1. It’s a real shame that this is only done in Lego Store and London, I recall they had shoes in London from the Peregrine’s movie out, It is a shame they can’t tour the country woth them, surely it can only benefit film if people share images like this on Social Media, glad you had fun though =)

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