Logan (2017) Review


In a future world with not many mutants left a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X in a hide out on the Mexican border. His attempt to hide from the world and legacy as part of the X-Men is about to come crashing down when a young mutant turns up with a lot of similarities.


Apparently this the superhero film that we have all been waiting for. Well I want to start by saying that this film will surpass anything you could have imagined. It’s outstanding. Totally not different to anything Marvel have given us! I guess it could be there Dark Knight (I always forget that’s a superhero film in all honesty).

Now that I have got that out of the way, the plot is a little bit tricky to then explain without any spoilers. Although I am sure you have managed to work things out from the different trailers we have had in the build up.

Age is starting to catch up with Logan as he cannot heal as quickly as he used to, and he doesn’t really want to. Charles is battling his own demons and given plenty of medication to stop the seizures. Also a very wanted man as his brain is now seen as a nuclear weapon. That is one of the many reasons for hiding out, as Logan aka James drives to make money.

It’s an interesting set up and way to see our heroes who have aged badly and struggling to survive in a world with mutants almost extinct. It’s actually very sad. The thing is though that it continues that tone and you reach a point where you are unsure if it can actually get much worse. Because it has been so long with these characters we are emotionally involved come on who doesn’t like Wolverine, Hugh Jackman has been incredible in the role over the years in so many different ways. This performance is totally on another level.

The fight scenes are brutal and bloody, what you would expect when someone has blades that come out of their hands. But everything up until now has been very tame. We get the blades through the head in many different ways and lots of blood. It certainly adds a more brutal and important way to how that world now is.


A young mutant who has many things in common with Logan. Blades as well, can protect herself and you certainly don’t want to make her angry. Another impressive haunting performance from the young actress. Considering she is mute for a very long time, that really did build up an incredible amount of tension.

I must also add that I saw the film at 22:23pm and thought it was very clever with the reasons behind that X-23 which makes more sense when watching the film.

At times you will forget that you are actually watching an X-Men film which I guess is a good thing after how messed up Apocalypse was last year. Wolverine has had plenty of his own films and they have improved with each one.

It is very pleasing that after seeing all of the positive reviews and comments on the film that I was impressed with it from start to finish. Even when you know certain events are coming it doesn’t make it any easier to watch, a fitting end?

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