My 7 Favourite Best Picture Winners

I saw this going around Twitter last night listing your 7 Favourite Best Picture winners but I thought I wanted to put a blog post together to be able to have more information in it! As you may already know I have an ongoing Best Picture Project where I am trying to watch as many of the nominated films as possible. So you can check which films I have seen on that list.

I am sure none of my choices will come as any real surprise, as some of my all time favourite films have won Best Picture! Although it was quite tricky to slim the list down to just seven films.

Million Dollar Baby (Review)

This is my all time favourite film, I just think everything about it is fantastic and well perfect. The performances, the story, the passion and ambition all rolled into one with the tragic moments as well. I have actually gotten to the point where I don’t even know what else to say about this film, as I know it has a huge amount of haters. But come on Swank, Eastwood and Freeman really are on top form. As well as a high calibre in the other supporting and smaller roles.


Chicago (Review)

This film really kick started my love for Theatre, I always loved musicals but this certainly took it to another level. From the first time I saw Catherine Zeta-Jones sing All That Jazz to the closing credits I was hooked. I actually would finish watching this film and rewind the video (yes I had it on VHS) and watch it again and again. I was totally obsessed with it! It just runs perfectly as a film and has plenty of glitz and glamour, which isn’t actually in the stage show. A fantastic adaptation for screen, with incredible musical numbers with the dance routines to go along with it.


Birdman (Review)

I still feel Michael Keaton was robbed for the Best Actor Oscar as he was outstanding in this film which gave us an insight into a man who was really trying to get his career and life back on track. Shown in real-time as we go behind the scenes to a play being put on, surely the character is very close to how Keaton’s career went and since this he hasn’t really looked back. A film that if you have not seen before you really should give it a chance as it is outstanding.


The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (Review)

This Oscar win and the many others this film received that year was not just for Return of the King in my opinion and it was for the whole trilogy which really made my love for film grow to what it is today. I had never seen anything like it on the scale of Lord of the Rings and I still feel it is outstanding film making and will not be reached in this manner again. The adventure and togetherness as the characters make the final outing and quest to destroy the ring, the battle scenes are rather epic and we get the endings (a lot of them I must add).


American Beauty (Review)

I remember the first time I watched this film and didn’t have a clue what was really going on or what it was about. That was ok though as I have now watched it many times and really appreciate everything about it and you know what the comedy comes through the more times you watch it. Yes, a dark comedy, but it feels real. Kevin Spacey and Annette Bening are incredible in this film as it encourages you to really look closer at your life.


The Sound of Music (Review)

Julie Andrews is outstanding in this one and it is one of the greatest musicals of all time. I grew up watching this film over and over again, I still love it to this day. It’s certainly one of those films that I am shocked to find out someone hasn’t watched it. I honestly just assumed everyone watched it growing up, especially when it is always on TV over Christmas and well any other bank holiday! Singing nuns certainly work as we found out, but the messages in the story are rather inspiring as well.


Casablanca (Review)

Honestly where it start when talking about this film? The more I watch it the more I love it and the more the incredible screenplay shines through. Bogart is something else in this one, as we take a look at people trapped in Casablanca during World War II. Here’s looking at you kid, is certainly one of the most well-known lines in film history! As well as the very misquoted one about playing the song again!

What are your favourite Best Picture Winners? 

14 thoughts on “My 7 Favourite Best Picture Winners

  1. There are also so many films that were overlooked for this top honor that are classics – for example, imagine being on this list of 1976 losers: “All The President’s Men”, “Bound For Glory”, “Network” and “Taxi Driver” – all classic movies that lost to “Rocky” – which I love as well!

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  2. Man, I’m ashamed of myself. I haven’t seen more than half the movies on this list 😦 Although I definitely agree with Casablanca, and I’d add Titanic (even though it breaks my heart that Good WIll Hunting didn’t win). I’d also add Amadeus and Forrest Gump.

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  3. So many great films! Ben Hur, Greatest Show on Earth, Bridge on the river kwai, Oliver, Deer Hunter, Titanic, A beutiful mind… I could go on and on. So many greats didn’t win. 1976 waa definitely an impossible year to judge.

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    • I haven’t seen the first three you named! It is great to see that they struggle some years because of the quality especially the way everyone goes on now!


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