Oscars 2017 – Best Supporting Actress

This has probably been the most controversial acting category at the Oscars in recent years. Due to studios putting the actresses forward in the supporting role rather than the leading role. That does appear to be something that has happened again this year. Although we then also get a mix of performances with very limited screen time so I really do think that this is a category that needs to be sorted out!

Don’t forget to let me know who you would like to win! And who you think will win, as that might not be the same!

Viola Davis (Fences) Review

This is a truly outstanding performance but we do have the issue that she is very much a leading character. She won the Tony award in that category. But in all honesty I think she is a clear winner as her performance was something else from start to finish and she ugly cries. You know snots and everything all over her face, but with the moment that comes at it makes sense as no-one would take that kind of news well. Davis has picked up pretty much every single award on route to the Oscars and it is well deserved in all honesty.

Naomie Harris (Moonlight) Review

Sorry that I need to keep being so negative when this film comes up but I really just do not get any of the hype and nominations it has received. Although I can say that Harris went for the ugly approach and that is a cert for getting a nomination. Another supporting role with very limited screen time which does make you wonder how these are judged in terms of time. As well as going ugly she is also a rather abusive mother, another type of performance that ticks boxes with the Academy.

Nicole Kidman (Lion) Review

Taking on the role of a mother who has adopted two boys from India, trying her very best to make them a happy family and care for them. It doesn’t all go to plan for her and that brings out some emotional moments for Kidman to deal with. The problem for me is that she had very limited screen time. I was actually really surprised with how little she was on-screen. We all know how good of an actress she is and I guess that is another reason the nomination comes as no real surprise.

Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures) Review

We all know that Spencer is well liked by the Academy a previous winner and rightly so, she always owns scenes when in a film and this one was no different. Really making a different in NASA and ensuring that her workers will be looked after by educating herself and them so they cannot be replaced. I do feel as though with Spencer being nominated that Henson really has been overlooked!

Michelle Williams (Manchester by the Sea) Review

I guess I have to start this one-off as well by saying hardly any screen time. I feel like a broken record about now but it has to be highlighted. Especially when everyone is going crazy over Williams performance that has to be just about one moment where she slightly breaks down. Nothing else really pointed to her being nominated in my opinion and I was left a little baffled by it. I think if she had more moments it would have been much more powerful.

Who I want to win – Viola Davis
Who I think will win – Viola Davis
Outside chance – Nicole Kidman

7 thoughts on “Oscars 2017 – Best Supporting Actress

  1. Great post. You are right that it is Viola’s award – VERY unlikely for an upset in tis category – a great performance and long overdue Oscar…and probably the best category of nominees of all – bravo to all five of them!

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    • She really is something else isn’t she! I still think it’s a shame she isn’t in the leading category as easily the best out of those as well!


  2. The supporting categories usually throw up some surprises but not in this section. All the performances were perfectly fine. I wasn’t a big fan of Hidden Figures and as much as I like Octavia Spencer she wasn’t the standout in the film.
    Viola Davis

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