Girlfriend’s Day (2017) Review


In a city which hails greeting card writers like movie stars everything falls apart for Ray Wentworth who was a very successful Romance writer. Not that you would really be able to guess that when you see how cynical he really is.


The story follows Ray as he attempts to adapt to life after being fired from his job as a writer. Even though he had many successful years, after his wife cheated on him and then left him he lost his focus for the romance writing for the cards he made. He is given another chance for a brand new holiday that they are launching called Girlfriend’s Day.

The problem with the new holiday is that a lot of writers are competing to have the first card for that new holiday. Yes, really this is the plot and story in this film, in all honesty it is quite a tricky one to make it to the end. Just when you think it isn’t going to get anymore crazy it takes another mental turn. Come on it is about a greeting card! Maybe years ago this might have been more relevant but we don’t actually send as many cards as we used to, I hardly ever read the words instead cards anyway.

I personally have changed to Moonpig and like to personalise them with a photo or photos on the front. I am not really sure how many people will still use the card shops? Maybe you can let me know in the comments below if you still actually buy them from a shop and if you spend a lot of time reading then picking the perfect card.

The biggest problem with the film though is that it is labelled as a comedy and drama. If something is going to be pushed as a comedy surely you have to then have at least one funny moment in it? This has no funny moments at all, it really did need some at times to take the edge off a little bit. I am therefore not really doing this one any favours in terms of selling it for you to quickly put Netflix on and watch it. I honesty cannot think of any positives, actually wait it’s running time is around 70 minutes which I guess is a good thing.

It just seems absolutely crazy that a film about a card being made and people getting killed and threatened about it is something that they think will do well. Disappointing as a lot of the Netflix Original films have been pretty good, this one is well away from that mark. Good marketing to release it around Valentine’s Day though I guess? I came across it last night and thought I would give it a try as it wasn’t the longest film in the world. Slight mistake it seems as the characters were not likeable in even the slightest way, the fact greeting card companies seem to have a hold on certain “holidays” I guess for them to totally create a new one could have made for a good concept in a film, just not this film.

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