Sing (2016) Review


Buster Moon owns a Theatre and he is about to do everything possible to save it when he really has his last chance before the bank takes it off him, so he decides to launch a singing competition.


The build up for this film started a very long time ago and everything was really put into marketing it. I remember hearing about it and that it was going to be an amazing musical animated film. That still wasn’t quite enough to make me want to quickly go and see it, I guess I have really ended up seeing it by default and that I decided to squeeze in two films in one night.

The problem with it is that it just didn’t have a good enough story, each individual character we see that is picked for the “show” has a small story and reasons why they want to sing. But I think we have had way too many singing TV shows (all around the world) to really be that bothered about in this film. It has an impact, maybe it would have been better to see this early on before we had a new one appearing each and every week.

I have found at times now with animated films I spend a lot of the time trying to work out who is voicing the characters, as often forget who was attached to the film. It is a shame though when that is the most fun you will have with it. I think the fact that a lot of them don’t really have the most amazing singing voices. However, slightly amusing that the different animals were performing in different ways with the singing and dancing. That wasn’t enough for me though and it certainly falls very short. I was starting to think my decision of picking this over Lego Batman was a pretty bad one?

We get an original song (just the one though) and it does try its very best to touch upon as many different life issues as possible. A teenager having a broken heart for the first time, a wife/mother struggling with her day-to-day life, a young man who doesn’t want to be in his dads gang, a shy nervous amazing singer and a chancer who is in trouble with the mob. I guess you could see all of that in a film that is not animated with animals in the roles, just not enough substance for this one to really grab and impress me.

It will certainly fall into the place of a film that has a lot of hype and expectations and leaves the majority of audiences disappointed that it didn’t have a little bit more. Especially it coming after Zootropolis and Moana in the animated section, the latter I wasn’t a huge fan of but enjoyed it more than this film.

I am very curious to hear if you enjoyed this one, if so why exactly as I’m sure I was missing something! I really wanted to like it as well and thought I would with it having the whole musical theatre connections.

6 thoughts on “Sing (2016) Review

  1. I liked the characters like Rosie. They could have just done teens but there was variety and I enjoyed the music. It’s no masterpiece but I thought it was entertaining

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