Jumpin’ Jack Flash (1986) Review

jumpin_jack_flash_zpswtezyvmkTerry Doolittle works for a bank that communicates via computer with clients from around the world. One day she receives a very strange message and when she decodes it ends up trying to help a British spy!


I really do think this film shows Whoopi Goldberg at her comedic best, she really is brilliant and hilarious from start to finish in this film. I really do think it is one of my favourites in that sense, you know one of those films that you have always seemed to love with one of your favourite actors in it.

The story of Terry meeting Jack over the computer leads her into a world she never really thought existed as she is then chased and threatened with death on many occasions. Seeing people die and disappear as the plot thickens to exactly why Jack is now stuck without any contacts trying to actually get him home.

We get a good mix of comedy and suspense as some of the scenes are a little bit jumpy. I mean come on going down to the docks at a silly time in the morning is never going to end well at all. You cannot help but like Terry and want her to succeed, she speaks her mind and is willing to help others.

The film has plenty of twists and turns leaving you guessing what will happen next. Although sometimes you will struggle to believe what you are watching as it goes from a dress in a shredder to escaping because people are singing the national anthem. Plenty more wacky and wonderful things happen as well, a phone box scene will live long in the memory after the film! Along with a huge toothbrush, which just shows that anything can really happen.

This is one of those films that I just assume everyone has seen many times, when in reality I am guessing a lot of people have never actually seen it. If you like Whoopi’s other comedy roles and you have not seen this one I really do recommend that you catch up with it. Certainly an 80s film and who doesn’t love them? It was a rather good era for comedies, I seem to prefer those and early 90s to more recent in that genre.

I know it is not groundbreaking by any means but a film that I still enjoy watching a lot, I probably know all of the words and moments by now that certainly does happen when you watch a film so many times. I am rather curious to find out how many people have seen this one and if you enjoy it or not?

If you want to see Whoopi Goldberg in full comedy film form this is certainly one of those films. In the past it has been on some UK TV channels, I know that because if I ever see it on TV despite having the DVD I always watch it. Oh yes it is one of those films for me! Come on Whoopi dances a couple of times in the film!

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