January 2017 at the Cinema

Always one of the busiest months at the cinema due to the number of releases, especially in the build up to Awards season.


I certainly got my moneys worth (and more) from my Cineworld Unlimited pass which costs £17.40 per month, so seeing 12 films cost me a very little £1.45. When you work it out that way fantastic value for money!

I managed to see the following films:

1st – Silence – Review

3rd – A Monster Calls – Review

5th – Assassin’s Creed – Review

8th – La La Land – Review

14th – La La Land – Review

15th – Live By Night – Review

20th – Jackie – Review

22nd – Manchester by the Sea – Review

23rd – Hacksaw Ridge – Review

25th – Lion – Review

29th – Split – Review

30th – Moonlight – Review

Film of the Month


No real contends for me, this film totally blew me away and was something else. As you can see I went to see it twice. It honestly would have been more if so many other films weren’t out this month. I am hoping it will still be on for a while yet so I can see it again on the big screen.

Male Performance of the Month


I guess I also have to pick Ryan Gosling as he really did show in La La Land that he has something else in him for amazing performances. Very impressive from start to finish from the versatile actor.

Female Performance of the Month


This has been a tricky one to pick in all honesty, especially when I wasn’t actually a big fan of the film. But Natalie Portman was fantastic in Jackie on screen pretty much the whole time. Having to deal with the emotions her character was going through following the assassination of her husband the President.

What did you manage to see at the cinema in January?

5 thoughts on “January 2017 at the Cinema

  1. I’ve seen 6 films in January:-
    5th A Monster Calls
    7th Your Name
    12th Silence
    20th Jackie
    27th Denial
    30th T2:Trainspotting

    My favourite film: T2:Trainspotting
    Male Performance: Timothy Spall (Denial)
    Female Performance: Natalie Portman (Jackie)

    February promises to be another busy month.

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    • I noticed Denial hasn’t been given a wide release! Shame as it looked really interesting.

      I don’t think I’ll be seeing T2 as its been years since I watched Trainspotting and I didn’t really like it.


  2. I probably wouldn’t have watched Denial but when it was BAFTA nominated I felt I had to see it. Co-produced by BBC Films so it should be on tv fairly soon.

    I know what you mean about T2 and Trainspotting. I shouldn’t really have liked them what with all the swearing etc but because they were so different and iconic I was persuaded.

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