100 Streets (2016) Review


The film takes place within 100 streets in London, we have three different stories with characters to follow over the period for a few days. As they are trying to deal with the situations life has recently put them in.


Max is a former international Rugby player for England and is struggling to hold his life together after retiring from the game. Not putting his children first and currently split up from his wife Emily. He has let his addictions get the better of him and you cannot but help feel sorry for him in the end.

Kinglsey has ended up in with the wrong type of crowd but has one last chance to turn things around and prove that he can do something worth while instead of a life on the streets. Terence is about to give him hope and show that anyone can do well anything. I found this to be such an incredible relationship and bond, reminding us that we should not judge anyone by how they look.

George is a black cab driver within London and we see that his past has an impact on the current day. As he works hard to provide for his wife, one day when an accident happens he is going to be well and truly pushed to the limits. Another heartbreaking and heartwarming story that really makes you wonder how you would react in similar circumstances.

Each of the three stories are told throughout the film and I have to admit that I was wondering how and if they were going to crossover. That was certainly done in a fantastic manner and it was just for tiny moments that the characters crossed paths with one another. I think that is a pretty defining and important in terms of stories, you really have no idea at all what the person you pass in the street is going through or having to deal with at that moment in time. Maybe we should all just think about that for a few moments and be kinder to one another!

Each story is a lot more complex than I have mentioned but just wanted to give a basic plot for them, as it is very vague if you check on IMDb for the plot and I think you need to know a little bit more about this film. It has pretty much slipped under the radar which is a shame as it is filled with fantastic performances. I do always enjoy watching a British film and we do have a few based in London and this was certainly a good one.

Idris Elba put in a performance up to his high standards. I thought Ken Stott was the standout actor and it would have been nice to know a little bit more about his character as he was more secondary in another story, but we certainly end up caring about him. Sometimes we just have to watch the films that aren’t thrown at us for months with trailers in the cinema and you will find hidden gems and you will be pleasantly surprised by a lesser know film. That is certainly how I feel about this one!

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