Theatre: Hamilton Tickets!


Lin-Manuel Miranda is pretty amazing let’s face it In The Heights is an incredible show and he has been taking Broadway by storm with Hamilton was has been pretty impossible to get tickets for by the sounds of it!

When it was announced that the show would be coming to the West End I just knew that meant I would be having another trip to London. So signed up for the priority access which was open from June to October 2016, I am assuming I signed up in June.

Well, today was the day for the pre-sale at 12pm, which I guess worked out a good timing. Although not being able to use a computer turned into a nightmare as it just wasn’t seeming to work out well on my phone trying to decide on dates.

It opens at the end of November (2017) and naturally my first efforts were towards December as I do love a good London Theatre trip just before Christmas. But each date I tried for wasn’t working with being rejected for the search. Which was so disappointing, I then went forward to January and then February.

Felt like this . . .


I really thought I was going to have to give up and admit that I just wasn’t going to get a ticket. Constantly checking Twitter on the official account and the hashtag it was making it worse seeing so many people saying they managed to get tickets in 10 minutes when it took me well over an hour!

I was starting to think it was going to be worse than when Harry Potter and the Cursed Child tickets first went on sale, which I actually managed to get tickets for a few days after the madness and thinking it wasn’t going to be possible!

The thing is though when I eventually got a ticket to buy for Hamilton I stupidly had ticket the Premium selection, please be warned that the top price for this is an outstanding £200. I really could not bring myself to pay that much, which I guess was good as I realise that I actually have limits!

I was panicking that it could have been my only option for a ticket though, but I admitted that I just could not pay that much for one ticket. £125 is the most that I have paid for a Theatre ticket which I know is just crazy but I didn’t think I would have many chances to see Nicole Kidman on stage!

Anyway, I kept the same date and had the “normal” ticket which then came up as £89.50, which yes I know is by no means cheap but less than half of £200. Ok clutching at that, but the thing is though the seat I bought is the row behind and six seats along from the original one for the outstanding price. So I guess that cannot be too bad. So I have now booked in my first show for 2018!

March 21st 2018

That is when I will be experiencing Hamilton. Please let the Broadway cast members coming across be true and that Jonathan Groff will be one of them! I have always wanted to see him on stage! Also seeing Lin-Manuel Miranda on stage again would be amazing, was lucky enough to see him on Broadway for In The Heights the day before it won the Tony Award I must add!

This is me right now . . . So much for it being Blue Monday!!! ckiwhf0weaano1v_zpswzo4xpqj


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