Green Room (2015) Review


A punk rock band coming to the end of a small tour, end up in well hell after being advised to head for one last gig. They witness a murder and are surrounded by neo-Nazi’s it really is not going to end well.


I have really been pushing the boat out treading the water with potential “horrors” recently, although that is debatable to whether this are more thrillers but IMDb also has horror on so I’m going with it. A second in the similar genre in less than a week! Just a little bit of background to how this one came about . . .

After jumping in on a Twitter conversation with two great bloggers about this film, which I must add that I had already put in my Netflix queue (probably because Sir Pat is in it) I quickly pushed it to my next to watch list. After seeing their comments on the film, feeling all brave and untouchable after watching Eden Lake last week!

I can now therefore answer that I guess gore does not really bother me, unless something to do with the eyes/eye-ball comes out that is certainly my freak out point. Obviously not nice to see people sliced apart, as I am sure if that was fully ok I would not be!

The brilliance with the film is that nothing actually happens until about 39 minutes into it, well obviously things happen to build it all up. But once that first scene and awful moment occur there is no looking back as plenty of blood is then shed. Which I guess can be very loosely compared to what Tarantino does in his films. Obviously with this one on a pretty lower scale in comparison, but if you do happen to be squeamish I can imagine that the last hour of this film will be very tough going!

The band seem to be having a pretty good time with things and come across likeable enough (important aspect). I felt Pat really showed some fantastic character development throughout the film, going from the terrified young man to really putting up the ultimate fight to actually stay alive. A very defining character and probably one of the reasons I wanted to keep watching, I wanted to know the ending to that story he was trying to tell about the paint balling!

Something the film did not help me with was that I am well a little bit scared of dogs, not a huge fear but I don’t really trust them if that makes sense. Especially when I am out running, so I guess this film has not helped with this at all especially if I am out when it is dark. But I guess that will be a big part for a lot of people as they really are totally brutal in this one.

I felt we lacked Amber’s back story as we didn’t really get to know her well enough which was a bit of a shame. It was pretty tricky to keep track of some of the others as well once it all started kicking off. The owner of the place Darcy played ever so fantastically by Sir Pat was just a total scene stealer, not that we would expect anything else. A slight bias towards the legend, but I don’t really care as I thought he added such another element to the film!

If I am getting braver and dipping into the horror genre then so can you!

13 thoughts on “Green Room (2015) Review

  1. Saw and enjoyed Green Room at the London Film Festival in 2015. Along with the director’s previous film, Blue Ruin they have both become cult movies and festival favourites. I think Blue Ruin is on Film 4 this Saturday, 14th January. Enjoy it!

    If you are thinking of watching another horror film I would recommend Bone Tomahawk which is also a western. Definitely not for the squeamish.

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    • Oh thanks for letting me know about when Blue Ruin is on. As quite a few people have mentioned it since I posted this review! I will set it to record if it is on tonight!

      I think I have Bone Tomahawk in my Netflix queue!


  2. Lets put another Blue Ruin Comment in here lol,

    I didn’t enjoy Green Room for the horror side i think it lacked too much shock value, i do feel this film got a lot more sales because of the untimely death of Anton but i am also not a fan of this genre of horror and i am MASSIVE horror fan.

    If you want to try some of the best ones here is a small list from 2016

    Train to Busan
    Under the Shadow
    The Autopsy of Jane Doe
    and the one i haven’t seen but only hear good things about is ‘The Wailing’

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