Zootropolis (2016) Review


Judy Hoops a bunny has always dreamed of becoming a Cop despite being told that she couldn’t do it. Her dream doesn’t turn out the way she expected but a meeting with Nick Wilde a con artist fox was about to change everything.


I had heard a lot of good great things about this film and it appeared on a lot of top 10 Best Lists for 2016 from my fellow bloggers. I don’t think I really fancied it when it was on at the cinema, but I could not have been more wrong about how good it turned out to be, so seeing all of the praise and esteem built towards the film I decided to quickly catch up when it came onto Sky Cinema.

Our main story follows Judy who is a bunny and always wanted to be a cop from when she was a child. We are shown the event in her life which really sparked her wanting to prove that she could make it. Fast forward 15 years later and we see her graduating top of her class and becoming the first bunny cop ever. The main problem with this is that she is then put on traffic!

In the meantime of doing that she is introduced to Nick who is a fox and pretty much does anything and everything he wants. Conning as many of the other animals as possible, he even manages to do this to Judy. When she somehow gets the chance to really make it, with her career on the line she accepts a pretty impossible case.

This is the start of an unlikely friendship between who would think it a fox and bunny! I think that is one of the many reasons everything about this film just works. It seems to pay tribute to many different films and in particular gangster films The Godfather feel of some scenes was quite brilliant. The thing with the storyline is that this would work perfectly well in a film with actual actors and without the animal factor.

The fact that the animals all seem human like may seem a little bit strange to begin with but you quickly forget about those aspects and that it is even an animated film. I certainly think that is something Disney has done very well in recent years, stepping away from it being a “cartoon” or animation and actually having good characters with even better stories and plots to them.

I have to admit that I actually enjoy watching an animated film without knowing who did the voices and trying to see if I can guess who they are. Even if that does at times totally annoy yourself when you cannot quite get it. I think two of them in this one are very obvious from Bateman and Elba.

I thought it was interesting to take a lot at the world that was created now that animals are not savages and they live and work in different communities. Surely that is a link to different people living in different countries and moving etc. So maybe this one is pretty deep in sense of double meanings? Just something I have thought about since starting to put this review together.

I really do think you should give this one a go even if you are not usually an animation fan, I am pretty sure it will be favourite for the Best Animated Picture Oscar! Who ever said animals cannot live together?

Zootropolis was formerly known as Zootopia.

10 thoughts on “Zootropolis (2016) Review

  1. That’s one I haven’t seen – must try and catch up with it. Still to see Finding Dory, Enjoyed both Moana and Kubo last year. Saw Your Name last week at the Tyneside. Visually stunning – Japanese with English sub titles.


  2. Yeah, it’s called Zootropolis only in the UK and maybe some other places in Europe.

    You mention finding it a bit odd to see the animals to be very humanlike. How did you feel about other animated movies with anthropomoprhic animals like Robin Hood?


    • Trust the UK to be different! In alll honesty I haven’t seen that Robin Hood since I was a kid but pretty sure I really liked and enjoyed it. Might have to try and find it to watch again. I would certainly watch this one again!

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