All Roads Lead to Rome (2015) Review


Maggie is an uptight single parent who has struggled to communicate and get along with rebellious teenage daughter Summer for quite a long time. She thinks that a journey back to a Tuscan village that she visited in her younger days would help them reconnect. A first love might just spoil the plans that were in place.


I feel like I need to make it very clear that I only watched this film because Sarah Jessica Parker was in it and I needed to watch something that wasn’t going to be too difficult when off work sick. You know a film that I probably never would have watched if I wasn’t ill and off work, which I guess isn’t saying much about the film before I even mention that much about it.

Like any other film that has a mother and teenage daughter they don’t get on to begin with don’t understand each other. The daughter does not want to understand her mother and this trip actually drives them further apart to begin with. Summer wants nothing more than to get back home to the US to be with her boyfriend, who she thinks she is in love with and vice versa. Even though from just one phone call we can all see that he only wants her to take the blame for something he did.

Anyway along with that Maggie bumps into her first love almost immediately after arriving in the village. As you can imagine that is what Summer then believes the whole trip was about. I will admit that I did think the scenes between Summer and Carmen were quite nice at times. Both managing to help each other more than they realised.

Carmen wanted to travel to Rome to marry her first love, plenty of first love things going on this film. Probably too many as a natural fact, I guess they all try to make different points. But it all falls well pretty flat in all honesty, not ground breaking in any terms is this film. Not that I was expecting it to be, but Carrie Bradshaw. I guess it does confirm that SJP is one of those actresses that I will watch in well anything she is in. Damn my love for Sex and the City.

Luca is well very unmemorable and just a secondary character in the end to the women which I guess is not done often enough in film really. Even though he was Maggie’s first love and Carmen is his mother I guess we could have easily taken him out and it wouldn’t really have made a massive amount of difference. I think even the hardcore romantic comedy fans will struggle to come to terms with this one as the script was just too weak for it to be any good.

This could certainly be one of those films that I have found myself watching so others don’t really have to. I guess when you haven’t heard of it before it appears on Sky Cinema doesn’t really build it up very much to be anything less than average. If it even manages to get that high. A few nice shots of Italy? But why do romantic comedies never seem to be that good when they are set their? Anyone who can comment with any good ones would be appreciated!

5 thoughts on “All Roads Lead to Rome (2015) Review

    • I wouldn’t try to watch it at all! Thanks, first time I’ve ever rang in sick to work as well. I had to miss the Manchester By the Sea Unlimited Screening last night as well.


  1. “Love Is All You Need” is set in Denmark and Italy and is an utterly wonderful romcom. It uses the gorgeous Italian setting, is directed by the wonderful Susanne Bier and is brilliant. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed seeing it again, last week This is my 5th viewing. It always makes me sigh, laugh and cry.

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