Assassin’s Creed (2016) Review


Cal Lynch is about to be given the lethal injection after murdering someone, but some people have something else in mind for him. He then gets to explore memories of his ancestor Aguilar, gaining the skills of a master assassin in the process.


Now I have no prior knowledge at all about the game series that this film is based so I come from a total outside point of view and just watching the film. So I have no idea how correct small details are or anything like that. Just thought it was best to point that out before starting the review.

We are shown three different layers or eras of the story all surrounding Cal and leading to what he had become and then what he will go on to become. We are shown Aguilar in Spain 500 years ago, Cal as a child the day his mother was killed and then as he is now being used in a machine that uses genetics and technology to be able to access another persons memories. Yes, really of course that is possible!

The thing is though that actually does make for a pretty interesting concept and placement. Maybe the build up isn’t the greatest though and we find out things too quickly? I am not really sure in all honesty. But we have Sofia who has been leading the research so they can try to find something that has been lost for a very long time. Cal is very much key to this! Although is Sofia on the same page as her father Rikkin? That makes for an interesting sub-plot.

I was very impressed with the incredible cast that are in the film and that is certainly a plus point. Although I really don’t think Brendan Gleeson was used anywhere near enough, I guess that can be said for a lot of his films though. I thought this type of role was a rather different choice for Fassbender but I really would watch him in anything, has to be one of the best actors working today?

The story does at times run the risk of being confusing but just about manages to hold your attention throughout. It doesn’t blow you away and I went in with low expectations and thought that was the best approach. I was therefore not disappointed or anything like that. Some of the fight scenes really did remind you it is all based on a game with plenty of flips as characters move and jump around. Sort of reminded me of Mortal Kombat a times, not sure if that is a compliment or an insult though.

The main thing I think it could have had to make it better was a bigger plot twist or a few more of them. I thought it was rather predictable as the next thing happened, we were always one step ahead of the film/characters. Although towards the ending you just had that feeling this was the start of another franchise and it was very much heading towards the good old cliffhanger of an ending ready for the second film. It isn’t quite that extreme but it certainly does leave the door well and truly open for another film to take place just after the ending of this one.

What did you think of this one? Does experience of the game help or hinder enjoyment?

15 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed (2016) Review

  1. I saw it but did not put it in my website. It is missing something the build up was lost somewhere. The performances from the actors were great however. Nice review .

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  2. Great review! I seriously disliked it immensely, dude. Such an utter letdown, especially considering how rich the AC universe is! Not to mention managing to make Fassbender and Cotillard appear like cold, stagnant pieces of toast.


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