December 2016 at the Cinema

A little late getting this post out due to the end of year posts! A very busy month at the cinema although I do expect this month to be the busiest ever!


I thought it would also be a great idea to highlight the amazing value for money a Cineworld Unlimted Card is at £17.40 per month and seeing eight films that meant I paid £2.17 for each film!

I managed to see the following films:

7th – Sully: Miracle on the Hudson – Review

8th – Snowden – Review

14th – Moana – Review

14th – Office Christmas Party – Review

22nd – The Nightmare Before Christmas – Review

27th – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Review

29th – Why Him? – Review

29th – Passengers – Review

Film of the Month
A brilliant effort to link things together in Star Wars but also as a standalone film it really was very impressive with some brilliant performances!

Male Performance of the Month
Joseph Gordon Levitt really did become Snowden and it was therefore fantastic to watch. So engaging and a prime example of an actor really becoming a character!

Female Performance of the Monthfelicity-jones-jyn-erso-rogue-one-disguise_zpsylqsiimyI am totally going with Felicity Jones for this one as she really was great at leading the line in Rogue one!

What did you manage to catch in December?

4 thoughts on “December 2016 at the Cinema

  1. I saw six films in December:-

    The Edge of Seventeen
    A United Kingdom
    Meet Me in St. Louis
    Rouge One: A Star Wars Story
    American Honey

    Film of the Month: A United Kingdom
    Male Performance: David Oyelowo (A United Kingdom)
    Female Performance: Sasha Lane (American Honey)

    My 2017 film year starts tomorrow!

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  2. Good haul! My top pick of this lot would be Moana, only film of 2016 I watched twice 😀
    Star Wars a solid choice though, and Felicity Jones a clear winner. Cool favourite characters for young girls are finally on the rise, it seems! 😀

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