2016 at the Cinema!

2016 was another good year for films released at the cinema and I think the standard was pretty good, I managed to miss a lot of the films that seemed to be regarded as the worst of the year which is always a big bonus!

This time last year (and the year before) I was celebrating a record-breaking total. You know what I have only gone and done it again setting a new record this year, beating last year by a whole 12 films! Which I think is pretty impressive although I seem to be treating it very much like a game now in trying to beat the previous year. Even monthly trying to outdo the year before. I was so close to 80 and I think that will therefore be my target in 2017. Good job I have an Unlimited Card at Cineworld to be able to do this!


201678 Films

Previous years at the cinema . . .

2015 – 66 Films

2014 – 62 Films

2013 – 59 Films

2012 – 40 Films

2011 – 60 Films

2010 – 33 Films

2009 – 34 Films

2008 – 49 Films

2007 – 39 Films

2006 – 21 Films

I decided to continue from last year and pick my favourite films for each month (not saying that are the best) and believe me some months it was a very tough choice to make as I didn’t really like any of them. But I managed to pick one for each month!

January – Spotlight – Review

February – Concussion – Review

March – 10 Cloverfield Lane – Review

April –Eye in the Sky – Review

May – Florence Foster Jenkins – Review

June –The Nice Guys – Review

July – Ghostbusters – Review

August – The Shallows – Review

September – Hell or High Water – Review

October – Queen of Katwe – Review

November – The Edge of Seventeen – Review

December – Snowden – Review

Top 10 – Best Films of 2016

Top 10 – Worst Films of 2016

Top 10 – Missed Films of 2016

7 Films that surprised me in 2016

7 Film that disappointed me in 2016

Thank your reading, commenting, liking and supporting Let’s Go To The Movies!

Let’s see what 2017 brings at the cinema!

13 thoughts on “2016 at the Cinema!

  1. Happy New Year Caz! I’m very jealous of all your cinema trips. My nearest Cineworld is 10 miles away, so I’m really hoping my local offers something similar to the Unlimited card, I would try to make it worth it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Happy New Year! Hope it’s a good one. That’s such a shame, mine is 10 minutes away and another opened about 20 minutes away (amazing the new seats). It really makes no sense how it is still going due to the standard prices now. I did like to see Odeon launch their own version this year as well.


      • Odeon already has their own (near me at least!) but their pricing structure is terrible. It’s one price for the card, and then extra for better seats, weekend movies, etc. They re-did their biggest screens so 80% of the seating is Premier. Cineworld all the way! I love my little local Showcase though 🙂

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        • Yeah the only problem with the big chain cinemas is missing some of the films that you really want to see! I didn’t realise that about Odeon and the pricing structure! I like that anyone can do the Screen Unseen film though!


    • Only because of the Monthly Unlimited pass! No way would I be able to afford it any other way. Didn’t see anything twice this year either!


  2. Ghostbusters will not make my Best list.. but other than that, for what I’ve seen, it was actually a pretty good movie year. Lots of good movies, few great ones as well.

    Happy New Year! Hopefully you’ll reach your goal this year! 🙂

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