Top 10 – Worst Films of 2016

Another year is coming to an end which means another Worst Film list must be put together. I am pretty sure that most of my choices for this list people will agree with, although I have picked a controversial number one in the list but I really did hate the film a lot. So here we go with the worst films I have watched in 2016!

Here you can see the films that I caught at the cinema during 2016!


10. Warcraft (Review)
I’m pretty sure after seeing this film I was pretty positive about it but considering I didn’t really have a clue what was going on and it was well all over the place it has happily taken a spot on my worst list for 2016. What was even going on? I guess we won’t find out though as I am pretty sure we won’t be getting a second film.

9. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (Reviewrs-247378-rs-wedding-dates_zps2we8dzhb
For this one I must have let someone else pick the film as I certainly would not have chosen to come and see it. It looked awful by the trailers and the fact the film is on the list proves that it was not good at all. Anna Kendrick please make better choices as I was such a fan at one point! First Zac Efron film to make this years list!

8. Sausage Party (Review)maxresdefault-2_zps6vsxq3ow
Curiosity got the better of me with this one and the final scene that everyone was talking about. But it’s really not worth the hassle at all, constant sex jokes with food involved isn’t really something to get excited about. No pun at all intended with that!

7. Elvis & Nixon (Review)ELVIS & NIXON
From a photograph found with Nixon and Elvis on it we get a story and a guess at just what might have happened. This one doesn’t pain Elvis in the best light in the world taking away from everything that has been built up about him. Such a shame that this film was just well awful considering we get Spacey and Shannon in it. But please don’t rush to catch up with this one if you missed it.

6. Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie (Review)633_zpsygblytcc
Yet another needless film based on a once popular TV series. When that TV series was from back in the 90s a film now really is not going to work out at all. Especially when it proves just why it was better in small doses. A big screen outing was just too much and it resulted in a truly awful second half of the film.

5. Allegiant (Review)
Does anyone even have a clue what is going on with this series anymore? And does anyone actually care? After this awful instalment it has since been announced that the final part will go straight to TV with maybe none of the cast in it. I guess nothing has been able to live up to The Hunger Games success in this genre!

4. The Boss (Review)
Melissa McCarthy is either brilliant or awful. There’s no in between with her at all. This film falls into the latter and really is not worth your time watching. I don’t even remember laughing once and that is certainly not a good thing when it comes to a comedy film. Worst thing is it actually looked pretty good by the trailer. It was not.

3. London Has Fallen (Review45-london-has-fallen-ap_zpsgcsruhzo
Now wasn’t Olympus Has Fallen just average at best? Well I certainly thought so, I therefore have no idea why they decided to re-do the film in London this time with pretty much the same things happening to Olympus. Did anyone really want this film?

2. Dirty Grandpa (Review960_zpsn57zch4b
Could easily be the number one film in the list or any worst list for that matter. Well done to Zac Efron for appearing in this list twice. This was an all time low for Robert DeNiro who has made some pretty awful choices in recent years but this one manages to outdo all of his others. It is just so bad.

1.  The Neon Demon (Review)the-neon-demon-1-0-0_zpsanfxw7z7
Here we go for my worst film of the year and I know it is a truly controversial choice as I have already seen this film on a lot of people’s best film of 2016 list. I will therefore try to explain why, this film made me realise that I actually have boundaries for what I want to actually watch and see happen on screen. I do not want to see someone with a dead body, or hear rape, or see someone eat someone else. Therefore I do not understand why everyone thinks this film is art, pretentious crap that I really did hate.


What were the worst films you watched in 2016? 

25 thoughts on “Top 10 – Worst Films of 2016

  1. I loved Sausage Party but all the rest I either didn’t see or completely agree with. I didn’t think The Neon Demon was that bad but I do agree it’s just so pretentious and I don’t understand how so many people liked it.

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  2. Again, like the Top 10, there are some unexpected choices here (ie: lack of Batman v Superman or Suicide Squad hehehe). And Sausage Party was disappointing for me too.

    As for Neon Demon, I normally like interpretive cinema (Under the Skin, Tree of Life), and don’t find visual metaphors or experimental storytelling pretentious. That said, I was expecting something special from Refn on Demon. The visuals were amazing. The film dripped with style. The themes and satire are strong. However, it missed the mark for me.

    I still have to think about the symbolism and figure out what happened to Jena Malone’s character (although I think I noticed the pyramid again – with the way her legs were). The edgier moments were appropriately disturbing and uncomfortable. For me, it still felt lacking and at least a little confusing 😉 I enjoyed the Mario Bava and Dario Argento vibes and homages, but Neon Demon was a rather heavy disappointment.

    While I understand its placement on some Top 10s, it’s easier for me to understand its placement on your Worst 10 🙂 Great lists!


  3. I agree with most of your list here, I will stick up for Warcraft even if you were in the same boat at me, i think it was good if you new the source material but only that. i also quiet enjoyed the quirkiness of Elvis Nixon and loved Shannon in the role.

    I was surprise to not see ID2 or Grimsby but i guess you missed the latter

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  4. The only one on your list that I saw was Elvis & Nixon which I quite enjoyed. As far as my worst films they are:-

    A Bigger Splash – not terrible but not good enough to feature in my disappointments.
    High-Rise. A film that split opinions.
    Jason Bourne – Who would have thought…?

    Some of my other worst films I included in my disappointments.

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    • Oh A Bigger Splash was awful! I just about made it through, almost gave up. I started watching High-Rise but gave up with that one. I missed Jason Bourne but I have seen it on quite a few worst lists!


  5. Nice list! Totally agree about Melissa McCarthy; she can be very funny like in The Heat but in total crap like Identity Thief. And poor Divergent. I wasn’t a big fan of the books but enjoyed the movies. Allegiant actually adapted 85% of the book, but the studios were too selfish to just not let it go with a cliffhanger and messed up the whole ending. Guess they’re getting what they deserved trying to make it compete against Hunger Games even though that ended two years ago. 😛


    • Was weirdly talking about this ‘type’ of adaptation, with Harry Potter being on over Christmas and how stunning it’s finale is, The Hunger Games did it very nicely as well but that’s a lot to do with Jennifer Lawrence and a great cast.

      All the others that tried to replicate? A bit dull really.

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