7 Films that disappointed me in 2016

Having a look at some of the films that I was left rather disappointed with in 2016, that is often due to the hype surrounding them before you get to watch them. I have noticed that Comic Book based films seem to take up most of this list. Surely that just shows that we have way too many over the past few years and it has now past the point of no return in getting loads of them each year.

Here you can see the films that I caught at the cinema during 2016!


Everyone was going on and on and on about this film, it was going to be amazing and the best comic book based film ever. Well, I certainly didn’t find it that way at all! I even went into the cinema with low expectations as I just had a feeling it wouldn’t be something I would enjoy. I cannot really explain very well what was wrong with it but I just felt very let down after all of the hype surrounding it.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

This was supposed to be the big one from DC and really kick-start the Universe they are looking to set up. Unfortunately it was just one big mess after another and it really was so disappointing it was pretty unreal. Everyone was so excited for this myself included. They tried to rush and put so many characters into the path (setting up for the next five years) and I think the trailer actually spoilt it that Wonder Woman was in the film, that would have been an amazing surprise.

X-Men: Apocalypse

What is even going on with X-Men anymore? The Days of Future Past was rather complicated and complex with its story but Apocalypse ended up being another big mess of a film. Such a shame really as it looked like the X-Men were going to back on form. Instead we got a bad guy that just looked like Ivan Ooze from Power Rangers but blue instead of purple.

Suicide Squad

After the disappointment of Batman v Superman I think we all prepared for the worst with this one, especially when hearing that after those reviews they did re-shoots for this film it does not fill you with a lot of confidence. While it was not as bad as I expected, still very disappointing. Why do DC want to overload us viewers with as many characters and backstories as possible? Also the less said about Jared Leto’s Joker the better right?

The Purge: Election Year

I am surprisingly a big fan of The Purge franchise as I find it to be such an interesting concept. I think due to the way the films were progressing and moving forward with different things that is how I ended up being rather disappointed that we did not get more from this film. Don’t get me wrong I still thought parts were very enjoyable and interesting, but some parts were awful.

The Girl on the Train

When you have read the book prior to a film being released you are always going to find the film difficult. That was exactly the case with this one, in all honesty when I heard they changed the location to New York I almost didn’t even bother seeing it. Having watched it though that wasn’t its biggest problem as was pretty true to the book, still don’t see why they had to change it. I also was shocked to see how much praise Blunt has been receiving for her performance as I really didn’t think it was anything special at all. Very disappointing that it just didn’t work as well as a film, actually the ending was pretty silly when watching it but didn’t really come across that way when reading.

Nocturnal Animals

Another film which was built up so much and amazing. Well, I certainly missed something that everyone else seems to see when watching this one. I wasn’t impressed at all, found it pretentious and massively overrated which left me very disappointed. I also do not understand or get the hype around Amy Adams (never have and never will).


Which films disappointed you in 2016? You know the ones that you were really looking forward to, had heard so many good things about and were left totally underwhelmed and disappointed!

13 thoughts on “7 Films that disappointed me in 2016

  1. I wasn’t really disappointed in any films this year. I generally went in at the right expectation. I thought Deadpool was absolutely awful. Actually there is one film. Captain America Civil war was awful. I see Captain America as my favourite Marvel film too.

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  2. I have to stick up for Deadpool which i did truly love but i think people need to watch it when they are tired of the supeerhero films like myself,

    I did feel the same with BVS and SS but X-men seemed to get better on second viewing not sure why.

    I like the action side of the Purge films i like how they are dropping the horror angle slowly so i did enjoy.

    My biggest disappointments again ID2 don’t ask why i thought it would be good, Doctor Strange, Rouge one and Lights Out

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    • Yeah I feel like I need to put together this list as well just as I don’t think they deserve to go on the worst list but I went in expecting them to be great or at least have something extra about them and left feeling disappointed.

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  3. The two films that I saw, The Girl on the Train, I didn’t know much about and ended up quite liking it, particularly the second half. The other, Nocturnal Animals, I enjoyed, although I did feel it was more style over substance. I saw this at the LFF before it went on general release and I agree with you regarding the hype around it.

    My disappointments were:-

    1. Hail, Caesar! I’m a big Coen Bros fan and although good expected more. Best bits were the set pieces. For me not one of their strongest.
    2. The Jungle Book. Just expected it to be better.
    3. Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Enjoyed it but again with all the hype expected more.
    4. Arrival. This left me underwhelmed. Couldn’t engage with it at all.
    5. Fantastic Beasts. This was probably my biggest disappointment of the year. Too many special effects, no character development and a mumbling Eddie Redmayne. I think the film was saved by the minor characters. Let’s hope the next one is better.
    6.The Edge of Seventeen. I was so looking forward to this one, but did rate it as good. The standout performance was Woody Harrelson. Nowhere as good as the John Hughes’ films of the 1980s.

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    • Yeah I think Arrival will end up like that if you didn’t totally love it. I thought it was all right but not outstanding like a lot of others. I missed Hunt for the Wilderpeople so won’t be rushing for that one!

      Really interesting about Hail, Caesar! as that made my top 10 as I really wasn’t expecting to like it or anything.

      I quite enjoyed Fantastic Beasts but went in with very low expectations which I think certainly did help.


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