Why Him? (2016) Review


Ned Fleming has always been extremely close with his daughter Stephanie but all that has changed since she moved away for college and has a billionaire boyfriend Laird Mayhew who she hadn’t even mentioned and now they are all spending Christmas together.


Why did I even bother to see this film? That is the question I am left with after putting myself through the absolute torture! Anyway I can actually answer just why I was so tempted and actually went to see it and that is all because of Bryan Cranston. I mean come on who doesn’t love Cranston? But what is Franco even doing now? He certainly seems to have become a total parody of himself with these roles now.

I really do need to remember that this type of comedy film really isn’t what I end up enjoying. I seem to occasionally give one of them a try and it very rarely ends well. The film offers the same type of jokes throughout but with different words, mainly related to sex and sexual terms. Something which a teenager may just find funny to snigger at that. Being in my late twenties now certainly not something that amuses me in the slightest, along with toilet humour which this certainly has plenty of as well.

I am sure it will have an audience though as they keep making these same type of comedies so they must do pretty well at the box office. Another issue I had with the film was the daughter Stephanie, she just seemed to change her mind constantly and without much reason to go along with it. A very weak character that you just didn’t care about at all in the end, which was a shame as it could have had a much better base to it.

It might have been a little better if they hadn’t made him so rich and had well pretty much everything and anything in his house. Which pleases Barb and Scotty, which was certainly part of the plan Laird had to get them to like him. It doesn’t really make a lot of sense how the couple got together in the first place really. Anyway I won’t be recommending you watch this one, and I certainly won’t be watching it again either! If you were silly enough to see this film, please tell me that you feel the same way about it as I do?

13 thoughts on “Why Him? (2016) Review

  1. The (part I watched before I turned it off) trailer suggested all this so 1: Well done for putting yourself through it and 2: It did all sound horrific. Ugh.

    How do these get made?!

    I sometimes wonder if it’s just a love-in of the main characters, because they know each other and have fun, but other than that… ugh again.

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  2. Hadn’t really thought about seeing this film and you have convinced me not to change my mind! A pity as I like Bryan Cranston. Also Kaley Cuoco is good in Big Bang and 8 Simple Rules. Good job there are excellent films coming up. I think Silence will be my first film of 2017.

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    • You sure have made the right decision to stay well away from this one! I thought I had done pretty well this year to manage to stay clear of some awful films but that is not the case haha


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