Office Christmas Party (2016) Review


Clay Vanstone is doing everything he can do be like his father and keep the branch of the company he is manager of going. His CEO sister Carol has other ideas though when she tells him he must fire 40% of the staff as well as cancelling the Christmas party.


Obviously the party is far from cancelled and ends up being more epic and crazy than they could have ever imagined. When they decide to use it to try and close a $14 million deal that will stop anyone getting fired. While this wouldn’t usually be the type of film I would rush to see, I seem to get drawn into which ever film is released with a slight Christmas theme at the cinema each year.

I also seem to have such a soft spot for Jason Bateman even though he is pretty much the same character in every film that he is in, but come on he is always so likeable I cannot help it! It usually makes me sad to watch Jennifer Aniston now as well as she has never been able to really live up to her hype from Friends. She was given some hilarious lines in this one, the scene in the first class lounge at the airport was brilliant! Slightly wrong but still brilliant and hilarious anyway, kinda reminded me of the scene in Bridesmaids with the teenager.

Clay was trying to be like his father and have all of the employees not only like him but love him. He had the Santa suit ready and had been Christmas shopping picking out gifts for everyone. Which does sound nice and that it will be a good party. The only problem is everyone has an idea that jobs are going to be cut, seeing Carol around is not a good thing at all. Josh is actually the brains behind it all and really keeps the branch going, as he is actually more switched on. Still trying to deal with his divorce though and trying to move on from that of course this party is going to help him out as well.

Its never fully clear what they actually do, I mean servers are mentioned and some new ideas but other than that it is all very vague. I guess it doesn’t massively matter but it might have made the ending better? Although we need to add in some crazy and shady characters as we get a pimp and prostitute, a silly car chase and other mad things going on in and around the party. Characters changing their ways, which I guess was pretty impressive in just the one night that we know them.

It was never really going to be anything special or new for that matter, but it will give you a couple of cheap laughs when people do some silly things. As you can pretty much imagine some of them actually happening at a party. Walter Davis is the man they are trying to impress, although I did think the small twist with him was actually amusing even though it let you then thinking what a waste of time for Clay and Josh.

Certainly seems as though the party was magical and everyone ended up getting what they wanted. I guess that would be perfect in real life wouldn’t it. If in one night you could really get everything that you have been working for! Don’t rush to see this one as it doesn’t offer anything new or even that exciting. I found myself more annoyed with some of the truly awful characters.

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