7 Amazing Disney Villain Songs

Something always draws you towards the villains in Disney films. Maybe it just has to be that they get a truly great song! I am going to share with you my favourites here! Let’s face it Disney do very good bad guys and I certainly think that it has something to do with the actors they have doing the voices of those characters as it certainly is all in the voice, we are lucky enough to get so many of them. Which actually make you doubt if they are all that bad when they get such a great singing moment. Don’t forget to let me know which ones are your favourites!

Where better to start than The Lion King with Scar’s moment! He was just a little bit jealous. Ok very jealous and could not really help being in the shadow of his King brother. Although no excuse what he did really, but we all have to love this song, Jeremy Irons voice!

Ursula was only trying to help wasn’t she . . . The Little Mermaid. A perfect example of another perfect voice and I just find it so amusing the actions to go along with this song as well. Another which also makes you doubt if she really is that bad or just misunderstood.

He was humiliated by Belle, poor Gaston in Beauty and the Beast. He was just upset as he was turned down. Shouldn’t we actually feel sorry for him? Ok maybe not as we know that he then pushes it way too far after this moment. Still a very catchy song though.

This one from Tangled just feels like old school Disney! I honestly do love this song I think it is from a very underrated Disney film as well, much better than it gets credit for in my opinion. This is my pick of all the songs in it as well, it does have some very good ones. But this one really does have such a clear musical vibe.

Jafar eventually gets the power he wanted and a song to go with it! Certainly something about his voice and he was just revealing the truth about Prince Ali being Aladdin so it wasn’t as if he was lying or anything. Power mad and well downright crazy is certainly one thing.

Captain Hook has a musical moment in Peter Pan! This really is such a good version of the story, I mean come on if the pirates are all singing and dancing surely they can’t be that bad!

One of the worst Disney villains of all time even though we didn’t quite know about that during this song. But it certainly does make it even worse when you know what he does in the end. I guess we can still laugh at some of the lyrics in this one though.

Does this change your opinion of any of these villains when you see the song on its own? I have always found myself drawn to those songs, are they really evil or just massively misunderstood and made some mistakes? We can all relate to that, but some of them just take it that step too far. Ok all of them step well over the line, listening to these songs though makes you want to give them another chance!

What are your favourite Disney songs involving the amazing villains they have created over the years? 


16 thoughts on “7 Amazing Disney Villain Songs

  1. Great list although I’m surprised that ‘Hellfire’ from ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ wasn’t on this. That and ‘Be Prepared’ are my fave Disney villain songs.

    And I don’t think any woman (or person) really hates Gaston. I mean, I never saw him as evil, lol. Granted he goes a bit crazy in the end, but in the beginning of the film, I still like him, lol.

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    • I don’t really remember much about The Hunchback of Notre Dame in all honesty. It’s not a film I have seen since it was released and I was a kid.

      Yeah us women are drawn to the bad boy Gaston! haha

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  2. It makes me happy that people write about Disney but it makes me sad that no one seems to write about my favourite! It’s not hugely popular (or well known it seems- I think perhaps because it’s one of the much darker ones). ‘Hellfire’ from ‘The Hunchback of Norte Dame’ is incredibly dark but also brilliant! Check it out if you haven’t already!

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    • I haven’t seen Hunchback since I was a kid and I don’t think I liked it very much, that must be why I miss it out and don’t remember anything about it really. Maybe I should give it another go!


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