Sully: Miracle on the Hudson (2016) Review


A film which takes a closer look at the investigation to the landing of a plane on the Hudson River.


A heroic act which saw Pilot Chesley Sullenberger also know as Sully quickly become a national hero. That was not the case for the airline though who wanted to get him to take the full blame for landing in the Hudson River. Which I guess seems to be such a strange thing considering every single passenger and crew member on the flight survived, not many people at all survive being in a plane crash!

This film acts as a filler in the story which made the news, having to see what Sully and Jeff Skiles went through in the aftermath. Having to deal with some rather strange thoughts and come to the understanding with how close to death they actually were, I found this to be a very fascinating part of the film. That the pair confined in one another and reassured each other that they did what they had to do at that very moment.

It was interesting to see Sully even doubt his actions when he had seconds to make them and react to the bird strike on the plane. Not really panicking which probably was the key in saving everyone. It does make you think though that it must be so difficult for a pilot to react to something they have never experienced before, as lets face it no matter how many different stimulations and training they complete nothing can compare to that moment they have to deal with a real life disaster.

I don’t imagine people who hate flying will be able to enjoy watching this film, but at least we all know that this story does have a happy ending with the landing and everyone actually surviving, which considering the weather conditions really is such a miracle. Maybe that is partly why this film has pretty mixed views and opinions, because we already know the start and ending. Just missing the part in the middle, but is that really the interesting part? Probably not.

Tom Hanks leading a film directed by Clint Eastwood with Aaron Eckhart in a supporting role was always going to work though. All three fantastic at what they do, Hanks was the perfect choice to play Sully with his demeanour and incredible screen presence. Eastwood certainly has a great way for the score fitting in perfectly with the key moments in the film, really giving it that added edge something that always seems to be in the right place in the films he directs.

I found myself gripped by the film which I was extremely pleased with after hearing some things about the film. But I will happily say that it was wrong information, we get to see bit parts of the moments leading up to the landing and then the aftermath of everyone being saved by the quick acting response teams around New York. Another thing it makes you think about has to be if it was anywhere else and it had taken longer then the survival rate drops dramatically. I guess it is actually reassuring to have a plane incident which ended well for the people on board the flight. Especially after recent news involving plane crashes.

Eckhart doesn’t really get enough credit for the many different roles he takes on in all honesty and I really thought he worked brilliantly well with Hanks, they bounced of one another very well and it was great to see them on screen together. An important film to really highlight that instantly becoming a hero isn’t always what it seems.

9 thoughts on “Sully: Miracle on the Hudson (2016) Review

    • It was better than I expected in all honesty, as had heard it was boring with a lot of talking etc but I thought they split the important scenes well with the plane scenes.

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    • Totally, great to see that behind the scenes people wanted to blame him rather than actually thank him – showing that some people just want to pass the blame!


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