Anger Management (2003) Review

Dave Buznik is sentenced to take part in an Anger Management course, the only problem is the crazy instructor Dr. Buddy Rydell keeps making him more angry. Can he manage to turn everything in his life around before its too late?


This is probably the only Adam Sandler film that I would even think about watching in all honesty. Never really been his biggest fan but as your probably aware I love Jack Nicholson and I think he really is hilarious in this film, I needed cheering up after a pretty bad day so decided to revisit this film. “I feel pretty” on the bridge was the main thing I could remember from this film.

It does work at times to make you smile or laugh which is pretty much what you want from a comedy film isn’t it? Mixing in plenty of different scenes putting Dave in a bad situation and making him out to be the bad guy. Constantly getting himself into trouble, his anger issues being down to being embarrassed as a child. Yes, I do realise when you get more into explaining the plot it does not make it sound appealing at all.

We get a crazy Anger Management support group and actually doubt whether or not Buddy is really a doctor to deal with this type of thing. Jack Nicholson really is great, probably being rather biased but this was a hilarious type of role for him to take on. Although I guess a positive has to be that he stopped with just this one and hasn’t gone the same way De Niro has gone over the past few years!

Sandler is always the same type of character and that is no different in this film, maybe he does do it well but just gone too far with it too many times? Dave is likeable enough as you get to see that most of what he is being blamed for are well accidents and he has just ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. I am sure that has happened to a lot of people over the years just getting caught up in something at the wrong time.

I guess the ending takes it all over the top with the Baseball stadium finish seems that it was a very popular choice in many different films over the years. Although I guess it does work in terms of keeping up with the story and some of Dave’s problems although a very extreme way to go for his long suffering girlfriend Linda. Who don’t really work all that well to begin with as a couple. I am yet to find a film where I have actually been impressed with Marisa Tomei . . . Another who seems very typecast and well average acting ability.

Come on let’s have it who is actually a fan of this film? I am sure a lot of people have seen it though, I am sure Adam Sandler was well liked when this one was released!


2 thoughts on “Anger Management (2003) Review

  1. Haven’t seen this film and not a fan of Adam Sandler. Not sure if you have seen it, but for me his best film is Punch-Drunk Love (2002), directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and starring Emily Watson and Philip Seymour Hoffman. He received numerous nominations for his role (including the Golden Globes). Definitely recommend it.

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