The In-Laws (2003) Review


Jerry Peyser lives a very safe and normal life which is about to be turned upside just before his daughters wedding when he meets Steve Tobias, who we quickly find out his an undercover CIA spy!


I would certainly class this film as one of my guilty pleasures I really do think its hilarious and that is thanks to the chemistry created by Michael Douglas and Albert Brooks. Douglas with an unreal amount of charisma as Steve Tobias and Brooks the safe and careful man Jerry Peyser. They are about to have a bigger impact on each other than either of them could ever imagine.

Mark has held of introducing his father to his bride Melissa until a few days before the wedding. Although that could be due to his busy and crazy lifestyle, constantly working which is not going to go work very well alongside a wedding. He changes plans, gets himself and then Jerry in trouble.

Everything in the film may just become very obvious but I don’t think that really matters as the performances keep you engaged, I mean come on just Albert Brooks voice makes you smile let alone laugh!

The pair end up in France to meet up with a big criminal Jean-Pierre Thibodoux played in a fantastic way by David Suchet, who takes a huge shine to Jerry. Creating some extremely awkward yet hilarious scenes from start to finish.

Sometimes you need to watch films like this to relax and just enjoy them, not a massive amount put into them but you will certainly find you do like them. Never going to be groundbreaking but if you like the actors then you will find you enjoy it. An early role for Ryan Reynolds as well, who could have had more scenes easily.

Who doesn’t like a spy style spoof film as well? Creates a lightened mood and everything you would not want to happen before or at you’re wedding does in this film. It would be a total nightmare after all of the planning and it certainly was for Jerry. If only he had actually listened to his daughter and what she really wanted with it all to begin with.

I actually do own this film on DVD but when I saw it on Amazon Video I realised it had been many years since my last viewing so decided to watch it again to remind myself how good I once thought it was. I still enjoyed it a lot, just showing that you really can like and enjoy many different genres for many different reasons. I watched this at a time I certainly needed cheering up and it did help in all honesty. I am a big Michael Douglas fan which is the reason I first came across this film in the first place, I love how he has always adapted in his career.

Who else has seen and appreciates this film? I surely cannot be the only one who likes it as it doesn’t have very high ratings on different websites!

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