Drive Me Crazy (1999) Review


Nicole Maris has her sights set on a school jock to take her to the school prom. Not everything is going to her perfect plan though and she is about to realise that sometimes what you want has been right in front of you the whole time.

I watched this film on a Sunday afternoon and I think that is the more than perfect time to watch it, you know when you are dreading that it is Monday tomorrow and don’t really want to go back to work and face another week. So you pick something nice and easy to just watch, that you aren’t really all that bothered about and it seems simple and straight forward. Plus Melissa Joan Hart is in it and I well totally loved watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch growing up!

It is a pretty standard High School American Rom-Com style film that you would have watched so many times over the years. I cannot really think of anything special about it that would set it apart from the very crowded genre. The social groups are evident and we get to see Chase break through with the “popular kids” all so very easily after years of being more of a geek or freak or whatever other word you would like to use. We also see another couple of things where the social barriers are broken down.

I guess it probably shows more what things were like back in the late 90s and early 00s though, thinking about it I would have been in my first/second year of secondary school here in the UK when the film was released. In all honesty I do remember the Britany Spears song that went along with the film and the music video, I half expected her to be in the film at some point in cameo form. So I am quite surprised that I did’t actually see the film when it was released back in 1999 as I was surely within the target age range.

Chase was pretty likeable and had a sad backstory which was very briefly touched upon. Helping to explain why he and Nicole were no longer best friends after they had been when they were younger. I personally thought more could have been elaborated on with this part of the story to really make the film stronger.

We get the standard constant parties and people being drunk with the geeky kids driving them around, we do get a nice stand up for yourself moment within that. Surely High School kids don’t really have constant huge house parties every single weekend? That is certainly the stereotype from every film from the past like 30 years! While it was an all right film to watch on a Sunday afternoon I am not going to recommend it as it doesn’t really have an awful lot going for it in total honesty. If you have seen it though, even many years ago how do you think it fits in the High School Rom-Com genre?

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