7 Brilliant Benedict Cumberbatch Performances

With the release of Doctor Strange this week (yes I am sick of seeing the trailer too) I have decided to take a look at seven of Benedict Cumberbatch’s best performances!


Star Trek Into DarknessĀ 


He was extremely creepy in this one and I think it is the first film I really remember seeing with him in at the cinema. Considering I know nothing about Star Trek he kept me engaged throughout the film!

August: Osage County


You will probably already know by love for this film and the incredible performances, Benedict probably doesn’t get enough credit because Streep and Roberts are both in incredible form. But he really shows what a great actor he is with the calibre of acting happening in this very emotional film.

The Hobbit (The Desolation of Smaug/The Battle of the Five Armies)


The above photo certainly shows that it was not just his voice that was used in The Hobbit films as he voices Smaug the dragon with such incredible charm and charism. But in true Peter Jackson style he gets the actor involved in the full character process!

12 Years a Slave


Quite possibly the nicest character in the hauntingly depressing film, as he appears to actually care. Well as much as actually possible giving the situation and conditions.

The Imitation Game


This is a truly brilliant performance and I still haven’t managed to watch it again since seeing the film at the cinema. He truly deserved every bit of praise for this one as it really was another type of role for him to take on.

Black Mass


Easily held his own with Johnny Depp in top form in this film, while it was not my favourite in recent times, the performances were still something else and that made it well worth watching.

Sherlock (TV)

Sherlock Series 3

I eventually caught up with this on Netflix and was blown away by how incredible Benedict is as Sherlock and cannot wait for a new series to come at the start of 2017. Absolutely incredible!

What is your favourite performance (so far) from Benedict Cumberbatch?

7 thoughts on “7 Brilliant Benedict Cumberbatch Performances

  1. Love this list. I haven’t seen every role he’s been in, but the first I saw him in was “Sherlock.” The first film I saw him in was “Star Trek,” and he was the only reason I watched it since I didn’t like the first movie.

    The best film I’ve seen him in was “The Imitation Game.” That movie really showed his acting skills for me. Worthy of the Oscar buzz that year.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your comments! It was actually a pretty easy list to put together as he has been pretty brilliant in everything I have seen him in so far, looking forward to seeing which roles he takes on next.

      Liked by 1 person

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