The Accountant (2016) Review

accountant_ver2_zps4vlnknmkChristian Woolf is a math savant who does not have the best social skills therefore mixing with some very dangerous clients, luckily enough though he can more than look after himself.


The great thing about The Accountant has to be that it builds up the character in many different ways using flashbacks to help with certain situations and how to really understand how his development was so different to everyone else and how this affected his start in life. Although this also links with the strange thing about the film mainly surrounding the level of Autism our main character has, and if it is actually approached in the right manner.

The film moves at a decent pace and certainly builds up enough suspense at times, as you try to work out the next moves and how is actually playing who. Is The Accountant a hero or a villain? It keeps you guessing and swinging from one side to the other really making you think about the possible outcomes. That does make it very engaging. It also has some moments that certainly had the audience in the screening I was at laughing, but at times it felt like a nervous unsure laugh in terms of if we should be laughing or not. A rather sadistic tone hits the film quite a few times and you doubt how your mind actually works.

Ben Affleck puts in a brilliant performance after a rather shaky start he grows into the character, but was his eye contact happening way too sudden considering the background? Just a small thing that was pointed out after the film. I have decided I am no longer a fan of Anna Kendrick and think she was very miscast in this role and another actress could have done so much better in this role. I never think we get enough J. K. Simmons in films and this was another example of this, always stealing scenes! I am pretty sure I have mentioned this in another review in the past.

I am pretty limited in what I can mention plot wise without containing spoilers, but it does keep you guessing and trying to work out why things are happening to Christian. Is he really as withdrawn as he first appears though? Agent Madina is an interesting character as well that we don’t really get enough background or least done in the manner it deserves after the hard work she puts into the case.

As I mentioned earlier the pace is good and it does have plenty of edge of seats moments to keep you going and guessing from start to finish. A small hint of a possible romance that luckily does not really get going as I think that would have spoilt the tone of the story and taken it in totally a different direction. I was lucky enough to catch this during Cineworld’s Unlimited Screening which is always a bonus when you get a nice strong film! How did you find the performances and story?

2 thoughts on “The Accountant (2016) Review

  1. Very cool review, thanks for leaving out the spoilers 🙂 I’ll be checking this one out. If a movie makes you unsure whether or not to laugh’s usually a weirdly good thing!

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