Theatre Merchandise: Mary Poppins


After seeing Mary Poppins last night I must also report that it was not just the show that was magical the merchandise to buy was equally as good! I mean I had a feeling it would be considering Newcastle’s Theatre Royal was advertising for extra staff to work on the merchandise stands (that never happens, ever) so I had a feeling it would therefore be impressive.

Then I heard they were selling umbrellas with Parrot head and all!

Yes, I had pretty much made my mind up before even getting to the theatre that was what I wanted. So I totally got one! Although not really thinking that buying something in a huge box to then sit for almost 3 hours was the greatest idea in the world, the way out probably would have been better. My excitement for the show was probably too high.


They had a couple of different t-shirts as well, but unfortunately the “Practically Perfect” ones only came in children’s sizes. Although I would have wanted more things if they had that one. They had a cool bear dressed as a chimney sweep but considering I eventually added the Wicked monkey to my collection and have a lion from The Lion King I decided against that. The snow globe was very impressive as well, if it played a different some to “Chim chim cher-ee” I might have been tempted with that as well.

But I got the umbrella. Just look at it. It is amazing! I mean I will probably hardly get to use it but when I do I am going to look so cool. Although just walking around with it is equally as appealing! £26 for the big one, smaller one was £22.

With on success on the t-shirt front I opted to get a fleece blanket with the great word in the world ever right? Well, this was also on a t-shirt and certainly makes more sense after watching the show. I should have taken a photo of all the merchandise but still thought it was best to mention it. The little carpet bag for £10 was also very cute, but something that would probably be a struggle to actually use.

I am sure a lot of the merchandise was aimed at the children attending the show, but I really don’t care I am happy with the theatre merchandise additions to my ever growing collection. Oh I did also get a programme which was £4, the prices of them certainly seem to be sneaking up!

Everyone will obviously be very jealous of my amazing new umbrella! If you missed my review of the fantastic musical, don’t forget to check it out HERE – Mary Poppins (UK Tour) Review at Theatre Royal, Newcastle!

In all honesty though I didn’t think the price of the merchandise was too bad at all, great to see a show actually have plenty of choices and some very different and unique items. I certainly think more shows should have cooler things available as I would certainly buy them. Although maybe I don’t really need to spend anymore money than the price of the tickets. I think I am rather obsessed!

11 thoughts on “Theatre Merchandise: Mary Poppins

  1. If you are doing the London Marathon next year you could run round the streets with it! As well as having sore feet I’m sure you would end up with aching arms!

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    • Possibly even better 🙂 but I need to get it sorted out. I haven’t decided what to do for my birthday in July yet, will not be in this country though haha!


  2. […] October was my busiest month as I managed to fit in an incredible seven shows, this did include a three-day London trip! Sunny Afternoon on its UK tour was absolutely amazing, The Kinks have some truly incredible songs and it fit in so well with the back story of the band and how everything worked out for them. I really do recommend this one and totally understand why it had a two-year stay in the West End. Read the full review here. The London trip was because I had bought tickets for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child a year in advance. Therefore it was going to be a pretty exciting time, the play isn’t like anything you have seen in a theatre before with the incredible special effects and the mode that creates. The performances were brilliant and it really is an amazing experience if you can manage to get your hands on any tickets as its now sold out until March 2018 with Broadway plans to be announced. Read the full review for Part One here. Read the full review for Part Two here. I had then decided that Beautiful: The Carole King Musical was another I wanted to see on the trip, managed to get a great front row seat as a day seat so almost half price! It’s amazing to see the show and see how many different songs Carole King actually wrote. The show flows in such a great way and that is something that is key, I am looking forward to catching it on its UK tour next year. Read full review here. Murder Ballad: The New Musical had also just opened on a limited run with an incredible cast, it was interesting to see a new rock musical which had some very good songs. It will be interesting to see what happens to this show next. Read the full review here. I then finished the month off with Footloose: The Musical which is certainly a well put together show with some incredible songs. You will certainly know a lot more songs than you realise, not forgetting the great messages within the story. Read the full review here. Finishing off an already great month by seeing Mary Poppins (eventually) on its UK tour in Newcastle, which was another amazing experience. It really is such an incredible show, everything about it is just so magical! Read the full review here. It also had an incredible selection of merchandise on offer! Read more about that here. […]


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