Inferno (2016) Review


Robert Langdon wakes up in a hospital with amnesia not even remembering that he had travelled to Italy. With the help of Dr Sienna Brooks they must retrace his steps and find out the real reason he was on the trip, to stop a global plot!


Robert Langdon is back and everything starts off as it means to go on, confusion and puzzle upon puzzle. The plot has many layers, which I cannot really go into in great depth as it would contain too many spoilers. But I can mention that everything links to hell and the devil, so you know it is going to make for a very interesting time.

I certainly found myself engrossed in the film and I will admit that I didn’t really work many things out, I don’t know if that was because I was being slow with it all or that some parts were a little bit well ridiculous to even think about and consider. If you have seen the film you can either agree with me or shame me that I didn’t manage to work anything out.

The main thing that really makes the film though has to be Tom Hanks, honestly can that man actually do anything wrong? I am pretty sure he is one of well everyones favourite actors. He is so engaging and fantastic as Langdon you cannot help but be fully behind him and on his side.

In Sienna Brooks we have the doctor who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, yet just happened to know Langdon from when she was a lot younger and saw him give a lecture. A little bit strange but we can accept that as she then helps him crack the clues to lead them around Italy and then other places in Europe.

People are chasing them though which we just assume are all the bad guys as it takes so long for his memory to kick back in and work out who is actually on his side and who is conspiring against him. I guess that gives it an extra edge as we feel the same confusion as Langdon does his best to piece everything together.

It moves at a good pace so you won’t really get bored and the two hour running time is filled very nicely. Something that was certainly a big positive, when everything unfolds it seems to go for a sprint finish which will leave you holding your breath for the climax. Even if by that point you have worked out how it is going to end, still plenty of drama to go around!

Well, worth the watch for Hanks in top form yet again, with a twisty plot that will have you really trying to work out the puzzles for yourself and quicker than Langdon can manage it! Are his “memories” everything they seem to be though? You will have to watch the film to find out the answer to that question.

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    • I have only read The Da Vinci Code when it was first released and everyone was going crazy over it, but that film never came close to the book. So I guess sometimes it is better to either read the book or watch the film.


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