Trumbo (2015) Review


Dalton Trumbo was one of the top writers in Hollywood but in 1947 he was jailed and blacklisted along with other artists for their political beliefs.


I had really wanted to see this film earlier this year with Bryan Cranston being nominated for an Oscar for an Actor in a Leading Role. I can safely say now that I have seen the film he certainly more than deserved that nomination. He was truly outstanding as Trumbo and brings so much to the role and well pretty much carries the film from start to finish. He does have some good supporting roles to help his performance especially with Diane Lane and Helen Mirren.

I seem to find films about old Hollywood extremely interesting and this certainly was another one of those. I have heard small things about people being blacklisted but not a massive amount in terms of story, therefore it was great to see the lengths the writers then went to, to ensure that the latest script was then made into a film. This included having other people pass it off as there work, having a totally fake name and therefore made up person as well. Which may just become complicated when you are nominated for an Oscar.

This film certainly highlights the major problems this caused in Hollywood with Dalton Trumbo being the main voice behind it all. Certainly hindered by gossip columnist Hedda Hopper as she keeps trying to figure out who is writing new screenplays and uncovering the truth.

It all causes a lot of friction for his family life as his children and wife struggle to stay supportive after a difficult period and that is something that is certainly important to see. How being successful in Hollywood comes at a big cost at times, as much as they were trying to help him he always seemed to take it just that step too far.

Turning into a great tribute to a truly talented screenwriter who has given so many people so much joy for many years with his quality writing for incredible films. Imagine having to pass your work off as someone else’s just so it will actually get made into a film. That could not have been easy as Trumbo was fighting for his rights after the blacklist came about.

This is well worth a watch to see Bryan Cranston in top form, he really does keep showing how much range he has for many different film roles. Something I am very impressed with time and time again and this one is no different. Well worthy of the Oscar Nomination and I really think you should give it a watch, in the UK it is currently being streamed on Amazon Video free for Prime members thats how I was lucky enough to be able to catch up with this one already!

2 thoughts on “Trumbo (2015) Review

  1. Glad you liked it, I liked it too despite it not really excelling above basic biopic levels. I also find old Hollywood stories interesting and I also didn’t know much about the history of the blacklist, so it was interesting just on that level.

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    • Ian, it certainly seems that we both felt the same way about this film. Glad your interested in old Hollywood as well, hopefully we will get more like this but with that extra overall edge rather than just a great performance from one actor to keep it going.


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