The Infiltrator (2016) Review


Based on a true story of how a US Customs Official uncovers a money laundering scheme involving Colombian drug lord along with corrupt bank officials.


A truly thrilling story that really does have you on the edge of your seat at times, totally taken in by the world Bob has entered. Are we really supposed to actually like the people he is trying to bring down for drug smuggling? I liked that the character seems to have that same problem as well as it really did make the story much more interesting. Giving it that edge of being unsure what you are really supposed to think.

Cranston was very impressive in the leading role and has enough charm and charisma to pull of his “real” character as well as this new “fake” character as part of an undercover operation. As was John Leguizamo as his partner Emir Abreu, both putting in very strong performances which keep the film going.

When Bob and Emir are placed together it really does not look like it is going to work out at all. They are total opposites in both characters and the way they work. But as Bob is told Emir is his way into the crazy world they are going to try and bring down. Although wouldn’t it be boring if they got on straight away!

I thought it was very interesting to see how Bob changed and how his wife was getting rather confused about the way he was and that it appeared he was starting to become “one of them” especially when given a fake fiancé but at the same time how using that was an attempt to protect his family.

Also seeing them getting in too deep and actually classing the criminals as friends was very interesting. As surely no matter how much time you spend with people regardless of their background you are going to form bonds and relationships with them. It also made it very strange to see as the viewer as well, we have the same feelings towards some of the bad guys and think they are actually a nice family which really messes with your head.

Performance wise I was also rather impressed with Benjamin Bratt when we eventually get to meet his character as he is mentioned a lot. Haven’t seen him in a film for a long time and he works very well with Cranston.

At times it does come close to Bob being exposed which keeps the tension very high from start to finish. Especially when it comes to the brief case, which was always going to be a big risk. It also got me thinking that it probably wouldn’t be possible for people to get undercover now with smart phones and the growth of the internet/social media, how could you possibly keep your real life away from your new fake life if someone takes a photo of you. So surely this is a dying if not already dead way of exposing people, now you just record them when they don’t realise?

Overall though I was rather impressed with this film, certainly one of the better ones of the year in my opinion.

6 thoughts on “The Infiltrator (2016) Review

  1. I was going to skip this one, but you’ve convinced me to give it a shot. I like Cranston and I like this idea of him making relationships within the world he is trying to infiltrate. Hopefully I can catch it before its gone from the screens.

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