Sausage Party (2016) Review


We follow Frank in his discovery that leaving the store is not actually the happy ending he expects!


Now the reason why I have just been to see this film was because I wasn’t really sure about if I wanted to see it or not. But with the very mixed reviews and reading that a lot of people totally hated it, yes strangely that made my curiosity grow. Why did they hate it? What is so bad or good about it? What will I actually make of it?

Well, I will start by saying that it was rather different to how I expected and yes it is full to the brim of sexual references from the very first moment, until the penultimate scene which may make you never want to eat or even see certain food ever again. Yes, it eventually crossed the very fine line it had been walking on for the previous 80 minutes.

So Frank is a hot dog and looking forward to being taken along with her girlfriend Brenda the bun. Yes, really that is the basis of the story! It also walks a fine line whereas the viewer you are taken into the “love” story between the two characters and you seriously doubt the thoughts you are having when watching the film. It is a very odd experience in the end when you have to remember that it is supposed to be food talking and having relationships . . .

It wasn’t actually as bad as I was expecting after reading negative comments surrounding the film (but it is still bad). Yes, it is ridiculous but they manage to get in some light humour at times as well which you cannot help but laugh along with. If you go into the film wanting to take it seriously then you are going to have a massive problem from start to finish. I did quite enjoy the song at the start and had hoped for more musical numbers throughout.

We do have some funny voices as well for the different food products which does help at times, even though some of them have totally based the voice on other people! I was struggling at times to figure out who was voicing certain characters and was convinced that Woody Allen and Samuel L. Jackson were involved! I hope I am not the only one who thought this!

I can’t really say I would recommend this film for others to watch though as that would then feel even stranger than how you are left feeling after that scene. Somethings cannot be unseen and will take a little bit of time to get over and forget about. That is certainly one of them.

If you have seen the film, please let me know if it was better or worse than you expected. If you can say you enjoyed it or not? As it is certainly a strange one to put a review and thoughts together for, overall I guess if you go in with low expectations like I did then you aren’t really going to gain or lose anything.

8 thoughts on “Sausage Party (2016) Review

  1. I really didn’t expect to enjoy this, but it was great fun and I laughed a lot. More than I should have, really. It brought out my inner and silly child. Mind you, I now shudder when I see hot dogs and buns and I probably cannot ever eat one, again. And my view of tacos has become more than weird….

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  2. I was braced for disappointment and I’m not a fan of Seth Rogen comedies for the most part anyway but I loved this one. Loved the religious satire and the take on racism and sexual freedom (getting very free at the end of the movie…). Very weird going back to work at Sainsburys the day after as well with the things I’d just seen lol!

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